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Once your website is designed, how do you get it up on the internet and keep it running, 24 hours a day? We offer a range of ZenTek Hosting packages to fit the needs of your site and your business.

ZenTek USA incorporates dedicated servers that seamlessly store the website files and make them accessible on the web, 24 hours a day. It is important for businesses to do their research to find the perfect hosting company that fits their needs. ZenTek is reliable and dedicated to keeping your business up 99.9% of the time; this is essential for any website because if the server goes down, so will your website causing you to lose business and revenue.

ZenTek USA is a distinguished name in web hosting, offering a range of service packages that best fit into the needs of your business and website. We leverage on the power of an advanced Site Administration System that has been specially designed for our ZenTek servers. We offer comprehensive hosting services that ensure regular security patches and updates, optimal performance, and continuous technical support and maintenance with 99.9% uptime. Our expert hosting professionals keep an off-site backup for your website development data, ensuring that it is secure and cannot be accessed by outside parties.

Our team also ensures that your website runs completely secured online, keeping a backup of your data to avoid any waste of time and resources in situations of a server breakdown. With an off-site data backup, you can instantly rebuild and host your website again without much turnaround time. For More Information on ZenTek Hosting Contact Us Here! Also Visit Our Portfolio if your business is in need of a new website. Thank You!