WordPress Websites – Urchin Design

March 22, 2020

Urchin Design has a small team of experienced designers, WordPress and PHP developers. PHP is the programming language used to build WordPress. Through our experience we believe that WordPress is the perfect platform to develop your website. WordPress offers an affordable, fast turnaround time with an easy to use admin dashboard. WordPress allows you to manage the majority of the content on your website through the WordPress dashboard. Make your own changes or have us manage them for you.

Urchin Design has 20 years experience in design, development, SEO and user interface design. As you can imagine this means we are perfectly positioned to help you with the planning, design and development, as well as optimisation of your website. Great care goes into designing the perfect UI (User Interface), or “layout” of your WordPress website. Strategic placement of content further helps to optimise the website for search engines. On-site SEO is done in the most efficient manner, allowing your site to rank well organically. Ongoing SEO services on retainer are also available on request.