WordPress web hosting for Cameroon – Web Hosting in Kenya

dell_serversMany people all over the world are choosing to host their sites with WordPress. You may be interested in joining them and you are wondering whether joining the bandwagon is a great idea or not? Largely thought of as a simple blogging platform, WordPress has grown to be one of the most widely used Content Management Systems world over.

The popularity of WordPress is largely due to the fact that you manage everything. Unlike other platforms like Blogger where your content is hosted by Google, you can install WordPress on your own server. WordPress is easy to install and in five minutes you will be blogging using your favorite CMS and your chosen domain name.

Other reasons why WordPress is so popular include:

It is open source

This means so many volunteers are working on it to ensure it is the best CMS out there. It also means that you can see the code, edit it and extend it to add functionality to your site. Being open source also means that bugs are easily reported and fixed as soon as they are identified. WordPress also updates to a newer version regularly to ensure that your site security is never compromised.

Great themes and plugins

Due to its popularity you can get many free and premium themes. There are so many WordPress developers’ who are coming up with great themes and plugins to extend functionalities of WordPress. If you do not find the pugin you like you can hire a freelancer to do it for you or even code it yourself. Should you choose the latter, you will be happy to know that there is a knowledgebase that will explain how it is done. There are also support forums where you can meet happy coders just like you.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is very search engine friendly. As a web entrepreneur I realized that websites built with WordPress rank easily with search engines like Google and that has made it the CMS of choice for me. I have been able to launch successful websites built with WordPress and make them success stories.

Built with W3C Standards

WordPress is built with valid XHTML and CSS ensuring that your site is cross-browser friendly and your website looks the same across all browsers. You can relax knowing that all your web visitors are getting the same experience.

Choose WordPress today and realize why it is a favorite for many. A good web hosting company will also host your website for a small fee. They even have auto-installers if you are not capable of installing it manually. Start off with a professional blog today.