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What is WordPress?

Traditionally, WordPress was renowned for its superior blogging functions, but nowadays, it has developed into so much more than just a blogging tool. In geek speak, WordPress is an online, open-source content management system (CMS) in PHP and MySQL. In simple speak, it’s probably the world’s most popular and easiest blogging and website creation tool enjoyed by millions of users globally.

Whether you’re looking to run a personal blog or large commercial website full of features, with thousands of designs (in WordPress lingo these are called “themes”) to choose from it’s simple and quick to launch your project online.

Is WordPress better than a traditional website builder?

The key difference between WordPress and Website Builder is that a website builder is not a content management system. It’s an intuitive visual drag-and-drop interface that lets you easily add and remove content blocks to your site. It’s the ideal tool for web novices who want to get their idea online as quickly as possible.

WordPress has the ability to give you a lot more creative freedom thanks to its multitude of available themes, advanced customisation tools and plugins. The learning curve is steep, and your options limitless. Once you’ve got the hang of it and built up your technical skills, you’ll be amazed to realise what you can create and accomplish.

What coding skills will I need to use WordPress?

Essentially, none, but to use WordPress’ full capabilities, some coding knowledge would be beneficial. The team at WordPress work extremely hard to make website development for users as easy as possible. Customisable themes, colours, fonts and text are simple to edit with a few clicks, and while all plugins can be installed to your site without any coding knowledge, knowing PHP (the language that WordPress is built with) would be ideal for customisations.

How much does WordPress cost?

Because WordPress is an open-source platform, the tool itself is free to use, and all one.com customers can – technically – install WordPress on any plan at no charge. However, if you’re looking to build your site on WordPress, we strongly recommend choosing a plan that includes 1-click WordPress install. This means your WordPress is ready to use in less than a minute with faster hosting underneath, and extra tools and themes to support development. It’s a much smoother experience on a hosting plan that can deliver ultra-fast load times.

What is WordPress web hosting?

In simple terms, WordPress hosting is a form of hosting that has been optimised to better meet the security and performance requirements of websites built with WordPress. These websites have certain characteristics that require better performance hosting levels to guarantee fast loading times and that the building blocks are displayed properly in the browser. Traditional hosting platforms cannot meet those sophisticated demands. It’s no surprise then that specialist hosting providers like one.com – who offer dedicated WordPress hosting – report higher levels of customer satisfaction than non-specialist hosting providers.

Can I install any plugin I like with one.com WordPress?

Yes, totally! Using WordPress with one.com means you can install any plugins with the WordPress built-in architecture. You can find all the plugins in your WordPress Admin.

one.com actively monitors for third-party plugins that may be detrimental to the site performance and will flag when your site is being slowed down via our proprietary health monitor feature. However, one.com WordPress hosting is not managed, allowing greater freedom for creating and managing WordPress sites.

If I have a WordPress site hosted elsewhere, can I move it to one.com?

Of course you can! Our easy-to-use WordPress migration tool allows you to migrate your current WordPress site to one.com in a matter of only a few minutes. It’s super easy to use and we have a guide with step-by-step instructions: Using 1-click WordPress migration .