WordPress Hosting

October 6, 2020

1. Bluehost
Bluehost is great for creating accessible, eye-catching, functional sites for your business. They deliver useful add-ons that include Google Apps, SiteLock, as well as backup tools. Bluehost gives users a one-step integration with CloudFlare. With a super-simple user interface together with WordPress, Bluehost really does an excellent job of managing price and features for business owners; ones that could use a bit of hand-holding even while providing a good amount of options to skilled administrators. Bluehost features one of the most competitive startup fees and all while supplying sufficient amounts of useful options.

2. Hostgator
Hostgator.com is a major web hosting company supplying advanced and secure solutions designed for hosting virtually all widely used open source applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Magento, along with many others. Their WordPress hosting is well suited for hosting smaller-sized to medium-sized sites. Hosting hundreds of thousands of accounts globally. With 1-click WordPress installation capabilities along with free domain name for eternity, it’s no wonder Hostgator is a widely-used hosting solution for so many people worldwide. Their free-of-cost template and installation if presented with customer support for those who need it. You can get a discount by using an available Hostgator coupon. An overall excellent choice for WordPress hosting.

3. Arvixe
With comprehensive hosting packages, Arvixe provides an entirely free domain so long as you continue to be a customer. With super-competitive and all-inclusive hosting packages, Arvixe is the perfect WordPress hosting for businesses any size. Their basic plan can easily host as much as 6 domains, and their start-up is extremely cost-effective. Offering a generous 60-day cash back guarantee. Arvixe also features website building tools along with limitless email accounts and low-tier plans. Featuring Windows- and Linux-based servers, their dedicated and VPS hosting is coupled with a 24/7 telephone technical support service. If you want to create a website, Arvixe is a budget-friendly, one-stop-shop for WordPress hosting.

4. Dreamhost
User-friendly, Dreamhost offers an easy-to-manage shared WordPress hosting capability with an intuitive control panel. The control panel places everything straight in front, and easy to access. They supply unlimited web site hosting storage, inexhaustible gigabytes of file transfer, endless e-mail accounts, never ending hosted domains, and a great deal more! Their One-Click application installer immediately sets up and configures a brand new WordPress weblog in no time! Set up an account whatever you prefer Dreamhost lets you add additional features whenever you want. DreamHost is devoted to client satisfaction, and each and every account is supported by a 97-day cash back guarantee.

5. Site5
Site5 is among the most in-demand web hosts having unique plans designed especially for WordPress users. They provide remarkable support, although most notable, they offer outstanding service. They’re a WordPress hosting provider offering locality-specific options. Apart from numerous locations in U.S. and Canada, they feature servers in London, Netherlands, Brazil, India, Singapore, Romania, and Sydney. They supply shared hosting along with VPS and Cloud hosting, with a straightforward control panel, along with; MySQL, PHP, Python, Ruby, and so much more. Site5’s 24/7 Technical Support features both email contact and chat for users who need help any time of the day of night.

6. Web Hosting Hub
Web Hosting Hub provides ready-to-go WordPress hosting, guaranteeing a hassle-free setup. They enable users to create their own unique content in their preferred word processor; Users can easily key-in or paste the content material into the simplistic post editor in WordPress. Considered to be the most convenient access to creating a true online presence for small business owners, Web Hosting Hub features a straightforward control panel, site builder, and WordPress coupled with their remarkable customer support. It truly is difficult to beat their price tag and value. Earning several awards they offer discount rates for new customers as well.

7. InMotion
With award-winning support and a 90-day money-back-guarantee, InMotion is considered top-of-the-line when it comes to hosting WordPress sites. Their service is fast; it’s reliable as well as affordable. Best of all, they offer 24/7 phone support and a host of user-friendly forums and tutorials to help their customers along the way. InMotion continues to be an acknowledged industry brand with reputable overall performance for business class. As an unmatched, US based customer support provider, they are consistently available to help. Their WordPress Hosting is fully optimized for busy bloggers and also provides fantastic scalability.

8. iPage
iPage offers a Windows- and Linux -based web hosting service that features WordPress. Their bandwidth is unlimited as well as their disk space, and they offer an ample amount of email accounts. They also provide plans for dedicated and virtual private server (VPS) options should you be in the market for a more commanding foundation. iPage also provides outstanding, robust third-party application support, and an exceptional money-back guarantee, all rolled into one-great-hosting.

9. GreenGeeks
Founded in 2006, GreenGeeks of well suited for all users; whether or not you happen to be a WordPress blogger or even an expert WordPress developer trying to find a fully bundled WordPress hosting service that can provide overall performance and dependability, GreenGeeks offers solutions for WordPress websites. Best of all, for each and every unit of power used, GreenGeeks will then invest 300%–3-times– in electricity that’s wind-powered. They will then return the energy back into the power grid to counteract any carbon footprint left behind. They feature a daily backup policy, cost-effective pricing, and last but not least, they supply their users room for growth.

10. WPEngine
WPEngine, a VIP WordPress hosting, offers easy, WordPress hosting with super-fast and robust servers configured to tackle virtually anything. When you use their hosting, your website will be essentially hacker-proof, and their incredible customer support service is fit for a king. They feature automatic caching, one-click staging area, automated security updates, restore point options, top-tier security, day-to-day backups, and so much more. WPEngine is much like having a multitude of WordPress specialists on your side for support; brands such as FourSquare, HTC, NameFresh, SoundCloud, as well as many others particularly for their WordPress hosting feature.