what happened to hoster sonwebhost.com and how to restore

March 26, 2020

Outage started Friday 15.07.2013 at ~morning and was restored in Monday deep night (+2 GMT).
Phone and Skype was not available, websites and emails was down, hoster’s website — the same. No ability to make fresh back-up. SEO positions was rapidly falling down. No hope or at least information if Mark is at least alive. 
Sad feeling that COMPANY that I was working with faked me: it is only one person indeed.

After waiting 3 days until Sunday’s end, I decided to move to another hoster’s server and to create websites there from my old back-ups.
When it was almost done, deep night at Monday, website became working so I rashed to make fresh copies of cPnael accounts.

No explanation or apologies that time. But I was very glad that it is at least working.
Of course, about martini I heard here at first — but it does not matter — I never drink alcohol because of my Christian vision. And I’m living in Europe, too far from Cuba. And I got too much problems with customers and SEO-positions and my time waste on restoring to be bought for $50 martini.

at Thursday, 25 July 2013 I got reply to my yelling that donwtimes days (just ~10 days later):

[18:12:45] SonWebHosting_Mark  Grannum: sites are running

[18:16:12] Me: really?

[18:16:17] Me: so soon

[18:17:23] Me: I had already moved from you to another company

[18:18:31] SonWebHosting_Mark  Grannum: ok was down over the weekend back on Monday

[18:18:40] SonWebHosting_Mark  Grannum: where your hosting now

[18:20:11] SonWebHosting_Mark  Grannum: Nameserver records returned by the parent servers are:


ns1.sonwebhost.com.   [‘’]   [TTL=172800] 

ns2.sonwebhost.com.   [‘’]   [TTL=172800] 


d.gtld-servers.net was kind enough to give us that information.

[18:22:52] SonWebHosting_Mark  Grannum: Yes my laptop crashed and all my key info was on it so I was kinda out of the mix for a moment

[18:23:33] SonWebHosting_Mark  Grannum: just rebuild everthing on two desktops so it would not happen again

[18:23:49] SonWebHosting_Mark  Grannum: hey how is life in Ukraine

[18:24:01] SonWebHosting_Mark  Grannum: did you get a look at your post at vps

[18:26:04] SonWebHosting_Mark  Grannum: http://vpsboard.com/topic/1184-what-happened-to-hoster-sonwebhostcom-and-how-to-restore/

[18:38:33] Me: would you like me to post your explanation there?

[18:43:19] SonWebHosting_Mark  Grannum: you post what you feel Eugene I am a good person so I enjoy everthing I do I am humble meaing I konw my limits and I thank you for hosting with my small company enjoy your day

[18:44:54] me: ok