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October 7, 2020

It is a very common question that, how to choose the best and cheap wordpress hosting company for your new WordPress site. Well, if you are also looking forward the answer of this question, here I will help you. In this article I am going to discuss about hot can you choose the perfect wordpress hosting provider for your website at very reasonable price.


Choosing the best and reliable wordpress hosting company may become harder for newbies. When you are going to start a new website you must have the following two things –

  1. Domain name registration
  2. Web hosting plan

Domain name is the name of the website. There are a lot of company available to purchase domain name. Rather, most of the web hosting company sells both domain name and web hosting package.

There are a lot of web hosting company exists over the world. However some web hosting company charge very little when some company charge huge amount of money. Many people often wastes a lot of money by choosing a poor web hosting provider.

If you don’t want to do the same, you must check the following characteristics of a web hosting provider before choosing them.

How to Choose the Best and Cheap WordPress Hosting Company

Finding a good wordpress hosting company is very easy to everyone. You just need to check some features and qualities and finally real users review about a web hosting company.


A good web hosting company must have the following features and services –

Various Hosting Plan

Every web hosting provider offers various types of plans. A good web hosting company must have various web hosting plan. If you are going to create a website in WordPress, it’s better to purchase a WordPress specified hosting plan.

The types of hosting plan could be – Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting and many other types.


Speed means the average webpage loading speed by a web hosting provider. You must need a speedy website. In order to get this, you must have a speedy web hosting plan. And the speed will remain same for all kinds of hosting plans.

A cheap wordpress hosting provider must have the features of speedy server. It must provide you a super-fast webpage loading speed for all time. The speed will never impacts the uptime states of that server. And It will remain same in all time.

Good Uptime States

Uptime states represents the average server up-to-date information about a web hosting company. A good web hosting provider must have a very good server uptime states. The average uptime states will be minimum 99% to highest 100%.


Web hosting price should be very reasonable and same as the average market price. Some web hosting provider offers very cheap rate when some other costs a huge number of money. So, before choosing a hosting company make sure that the provider provides all the necessary features and supports.

And most importantly, check the pricing of hosting package. Check carefully if there is any hidden charge and extra charge included.

Customer Support

This is the final but most important part of choosing a good web hosting company for your website. Every renowned web hosting provider offers 24/7 live customer support. Make sure whether the web hosting provider that you are going to choose, offers the same features of 24/7 live customer support.

Take a look on the following video for more details –


Finally, check everything that a web hosting provider willing to provider you and compare the pricing with other industry leading web hosting company. If you can check the above mentioned features carefully, you can able to pick a cheap wordpress hosting provider for your wordpress site easily.