Web Hosting Tips in Nigeria

How much space will take its place?

As all data on a computer, web sites are files that are stored on a computer (server) that is on 24 hours a day for the other computers can access these files at any time. The files are interpreted by the browser and displays the web page.

You must have an idea of ​​space that will occupy all the files that your site will need. Files can be those containing the HTML, PHP, CSS files, images, videos, animations, music, etc.. For the vast majority of web sites, these files do not take more than 100 MB. If your site plans to use a lot of videos, music or large images, the space could increase greatly. 10GB of space will be used to store about 40,000 images, 200 videos, or 2000 songs (depending on file size). That’s enough for most needs.

Once you have an estimate of the space your site should consider whether the future will need more space. If you plan to be adding new content to your site must take into account how long you can do this because of the space offered by your hosting provider. If the initial site needs 2GB, 10MB intended to add to your account daily and has 10GB of space, will have to increase its quota of disk space in two years. Do not forget to think ahead.
 What special features you need your site?

This question is fundamental. At present static content sites are outdated. Most modern sites need to operate additional services, such as PHP or MySQL support. Take into account the needs of your site because if not entirely meet your host, your site will simply not work.

Review in detail the features offered by the companies in their hosting packages to choose wisely. If the information provided is not clear, contact the staff of the company if you have any doubts.
 How many people visit your site?

This question has to do with the bandwidth they need. The bandwidth is the amount of data you can download (or send) to your website per month. When someone accesses your website, what really happens is that the client’s computer files download page from the server and it (the client computer) interprets and displays the page on the screen. If your web files (htm files, php, css, etc) and measured 150 KB bandwidth is 100GB then you can have up to 100GB/200KB = 500.000 visitors per month.

Please note that upload files to server using FTP for example, spends also its bandwidth. If you plan to be constantly adding new files to your site, not just be running out of disk space but also its bandwidth.

Generally good hosting services have enough bandwidth is more than enough for most sites.
 “Disk space and unlimited bandwidth?

Many hosting services offer disk space or unlimited bandwidth. Something that is physically impossible. There are always limits. What they really mean by unlimited is that you can use the space as “almost” free. You may use a reasonable amount of space for a medium site. If more than what the company considers appropriate accommodations, then alerts you to delete some files. This amount is “reasonable” may vary from company to company. So perhaps better an account in which you know well the limits of space / bandwidth and not one in which these limits (which always exist) are hidden. It is not always better service with unlimited space than one with 10GB of space.
 How much is your budget?

This might seem to be the most important question. How much money going to invest? Whenever we let money get something in return. The biggest problem is getting as much as possible with as little money as possible. Having a website has many advantages and if used properly the cost / benefit ratio is very low. You can actually have a decent website from scratch in about 3 days and less than 500 pesos. A fairly small investment for the potential of having a presence on the Internet. But remember that sometimes what you pay. Accommodation services abound with very low prices but do not have the expertise or resources to provide good service. Choose a bad web hosting can be a real ordeal. Therefore we recommend the top 10 services web hosting in nigeria.

In general these are the aspects to take into account major way when choosing a service hosting. Sure you can switch to another service but this action is complicated, tedious and even runs the risk of losing data mishandling of the files.

If you first do some tests before publishing your site seriously, we recommend a free hosting service, will have nothing to lose. Then it is best to hire a pay-as it has guaranteed the security of their data. Something that is indispensable.

We invite you to go ahead, post a web site is not as complicated as it seems. So addictive! We are sure you will find success in his foray into the online world.