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October 6, 2020

TheHostPlanet is an independent directory ofweb hosting providers. Our guide provides you a detached view of primeweb hosting services. Here you will find the most updated information. At our siteweb hosting reviewsand articles are available and the information is constantly being renewed. In order to help you to choose the most suitable hosting provider we made Top 10 ranking of companies, which hold leading position on the market. You have a splendid opportunity to get comprehensive direct data about web hosting services. This site is for those who are looking for the superbweb site hostthat will suit all the requirements.

Before including the company into Top 10 we analyzed the host’s advantages. We understand that each customer is interested in reasonable prices, innovative technologies, free extra services, security, uptime guarantee, fine technical support and high level of usability.

Considering all these points we made out a list of 10 web hosting providers, which give the most beneficial services. Information represented at our site is based on the feedback from the users of hosting services. The top hosting providers of our ranking have displayed stability and substantial leadership.

To run a successful on-line business you need safe reliable web site hosting. For example, if you want your ecommerce to show a profit you need your site always on-line and available to everyone. It will allow you to conduct transactions with no barriers of time or distance. You’ll be a successful entrepreneur, if consumers go on-line and buy your products any time of the day or night. If the web hosting provider doesn’t guarantee at least 99% uptime, than your business may suffer considerable losses. Another point is – if you ecommerce is growing rapidly, soon you’ll have to think of widening your web site. In such case you should be aware of affordable free space you can get from your host provider. We can’t but mention such an essential item as a security that is needed to protect your business from hackers. In our reviews we have included all key factors that influence the well being of your web affairs.

Wide range of web hosting services are accessible nowadays, such as image hosting, photo website hosting, email hosting, Unix hosting, Windows hosting, Linux web hosting etc. We hope you will find a good web page hosting solution, whether it’s image hosting or any other type of web hosting services. We do our best to help you make your right choice for image hosting company. So, think twice before making a final decision. As you see, your welfare may depend on different circumstances. As a web site owner you should mind your actual needs and wants. First, you’d better study intently all data in our Top 10 and afterwards pick up the most rational variant. With well-managed host you’ll always keep abreast. Use the given reviews below sagely. Evaluate different web hosting providers and what they have to offer.

Why You Should Pay Attention At Our Top 10 Ranking

The answer on this question is very simple. We are not interested in advertising any web hosting provider and we don’t aim to promote any company. We tried to make a cold evaluation of the existing web hosts that provide the most advantageous terms to their clients. Careful examination of suggested information will save your time and money.

Inexperienced person may be utterly at a loss among a variety of hosting companies. Comparing the provided host services may lead you to confusion, that’s why you’d better narrow the search. Wide range of hosting companies worldwide offer their services but in our Top 10 are listed the best providers which have already given a good account of themselves. In our ranking you’ll find the detailed information about reliability, functionality, security, prices, speed, file types and scalability of web hosting providers. Don’t waste your time surfing thousands of sites that offer you alike conditions. Read attentively our reviews and articles and you’ll become a real connoisseur in hosting matters.

Independent and efficient web hosting reviews can save you a lot of time and will keep you away from problems, not only when determining the best price, but also which vendor will provide the secure and cheap hosting service levels and ongoing support that you need in order to operate a winning online business.

At thehostplanet.com we suggest you an independent view and it’s up to you what hosting provider to choose. But be sure that the companies, which are indicated at our site, are worthy of your attention. Our site is reliable source and we are always eager to assist you in selecting the best web host. If you need to host your web site – have a look at the companies that are represented in our rating and pick up the one, which meets your demands, the best. We hope that reviews contained at thehostplanet.com will give you explicit performance of creditable web hosts and help you to choose what’s right for you.

Check out the informative and objective reviews for a web hosts and see what information you can attain. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure to check web host provider’s ratings and check if there is a web host review for that particular company. Welcome to the advanced and reliable hosting directory – TheHostPlanet!

Affordable Web Hosting
Once you have a clear picture of the web hosting services required, move on to assembling a list of potential basic affordable web hosting providers. You may get the names of these hosts from several sources, including suggestions from friends and Internet searches. We suggest you to look through our independent online web host guide…
Best Web Hosting
Choosing the right web-hosting provider requires some effort on your part, but the effect will be a firm business relationship that will be equally rewarding for years to come. Look through our helpful articles and independent testimonials to choose the best web hosting provider.
Business Web Hosting
Before signing the contract with business web hosting company to get your desired services, the company may ask some in-depth questions to ensure that whether you recognize the services for which you are looking for. And what customer experiences you are expecting from the hosting providers…
Canada Web Hosting
If you are searching for the right web hosting company in Canada we suggest you to compare prices of different Canada web hosting providers, take advantage of the helpful Canada web hosting companies comparisons online.
Cheap Web Hosting
Choosing cheap web hosting requires organization, the willingness to sift through information, and the ability to ask the right questions. By following this process, you will be wise in choosing cheap web hosting that is right for your circumstances and personal needs.
Colocation Hosting
Colocation is one of the most accepted hosting methods on the World Wide Web at present. If you are considering co-location, it helps to become recognizable with what colocation and a colocation service provider can do for you. Colocation hosting has quickly become one of the most well-liked web page hosting solution today.
Dedicated Server Hosting
Perhaps you have been kicking around the idea of getting your own dedicated server and hosting your web site yourself. In fact, that is not a terrible idea. Dedicated Hosting has some advantages to it. Here are a few ways that you might get profit from a dedicated server hosting environment.
Domain Web Hosting
Many people believe that selecting a hosting service for their web site is routine tasks and not that significant. This is a big mistake as there are a number of very costly things that can and will go wrong if you are not aware of the significant factors you need to think about. Choose the right domain web hosting package online today.
Ecommerce Web Hosting
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Free Web Hosting
Avoid Free Hosting like the disease. These hosts don’t charge a monthly fee, but they do put ads on your site. These ads may run across the top, the side or pop-up anywhere on the screen.. Using a free web hosting service will put many people off and you will lose visitors. Would you buy something from a business that couldn’t afford to pay $5-$10 for reliable web hosting?
Internet Web Hosting
Based on your spreadsheet, pick the top five Internet Web Hosting Companies that you want to speak with in more detail. This will help you find out more about how they think and if their way of doing things meshes with your thought processes. Also, you can confirm the data you have collected and make sure it is up to date.
Reseller Hosting
As a reseller you will also need to have a well thought out plan on how you are going to market and sponsor your own web site. There is no way your reseller program is going to be winning unless you have a system for attracting enough traffic to your web site so that you have a good chance of turning a high percentage of that number into real paying clients who …
Shared Hosting
Shared hosting or virtual hosting are the two terms for the same thing. Shared hosting means that on a web server are hosted many web sites that all have a distinct quota of HDD space and bandwidth. They all run at the same time and there can be from hundreds to thousands of web sites on the same web server. Find the ideal shared hosting plan at our secure and independent web host directory.
UK Web Hosting
There are a large number of web hosting services UK provides. Best UK web hosting sites are included at our list of top web hosts. Some UK web hosting companies provide domain name registration in a number of dissimilar top-level domains, all from one single web site hosting company.
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Web Site Hosting
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Website Hosting
Want to know as much as possible about website hosting? O.K. We are here to explain you the advantages and disadvantages of each of web hosting plan available today. Just sit comfortable and browse our web pages for more detailed information.

Rating: 5 Stars

Lowest Price – Host 10 Websites at only $5.95

1. StartLogic

Price: $5.95
Feature: 97%

Storage: 35,000 MB
Service: 96%

Transfer: 750 GB
Overall: 96.5%

Rating: 5 Stars

Host 6 Websites plus Tons of Storage and Transfer

2. BlueHost

Price: $7.95
Feature: 94%

Storage: 30,000 MB
Service: 95%

Transfer: 750 GB
Overall: 94.5%

Rating: 5 Stars

Host 20 Websites and 24/7 Phone & Email Support

3. Anhosting

Price: $7.95
Feature: 95%

Storage: 35,000 MB
Service: 92%

Transfer: 750 GB
Overall: 93.5%

Rating: 5 Stars

Allow Unlimited Websites Hosted in Baby plan

4. HostGator

Price: $7.95
Feature: 90%

Storage: 5,000 MB
Service: 94%

Transfer: 75 GB
Overall: 92%

Rating: 5 Stars

Integrated Plan is the Solution to Business Needs

6. iPowerWeb

Price: $7.95
Feature: 94%

Storage: 10,000 MB
Service: 89%

Transfer: 250 GB
Overall: 91.5%

Rating: 4 Stars

Host 5 Domains at just $4.95

7. Dot5hosting

Price: $4.95
Feature: 91%

Storage: 10,000 MB
Service: 89%

Transfer: 250 GB
Overall: 90.5%

Rating: 4 Stars

Free 10 Domain Pointers

8. midPhase

Price: $7.95
Feature: 90%

Storage: 20,000 MB
Service: 88%

Transfer: 950 GB
Overall: 89%

Rating: 4 Stars

Uptime is Ensured with Load Balancing Technology

9. PowWeb

Price: $7.77
Feature: 88%

Storage: 12,000 MB
Service: 87%

Transfer: 300 GB
Overall: 88%

Rating: 4 Stars

Unbeatable Storage and Transfer at Low Price

10. Globat

Price: $7.95
Feature: 86%

Storage: 10,000 MB
Service: 82%

Transfer: 300 GB
Overall: 84%