Web hosting, reseller hosting and an affiliate program

Remember that from your personal account you can build a fully branded reseller hosting presence on the basis of our free private label reseller platform. As a free reseller of ours you can sell domain names and web hosting plans to your customers on behalf of your own company brand name.

Need help setting up and managing your free reseller store?

Having problems with the setup of your reseller hosting store? You don’t know where to begin from? In this case, check our blog, where we have a wide selection of video tutorials and guides on how to configure and manage your reseller store. And if you wish to find out more, check our reseller F.A.Q. and support pages!

We would like to advise our resellers, who are using the check payment method, that they have to provide accurate and valid information in filling their reseller account details, especially when filling the Company Name field. If you don’t own a company, please, leave the field blank, otherwise you might run into problems when cashing your reseller check!