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There are over 72,400,000 websites using WordPress Yoast information chart released earlier this year. Not only that, it is also a popular choice for some of the popular blog on the Internet: 48% site Technorati running WordPress blog list.
This level of popularity, it is not surprising that WordPress can become a target for hackers. Minimize the risk of being attacked in order to help your website, there are a few simple WordPress security tips, in just a few minutes, you can help protect your site implementation.
1. Get some help, a safety plug
There are some good security plug-in can give you a lend a helping hand to ensure that your WordPress blog. A free tool, called solid security. It is not fully automatic, no manual configuration. It will protect your fragile several files, including wp-config.php file, install.php, readme.html file. htaccess to name a few. It will also protect your site automatically Base64 encoded (usually using malicious theme), code injection and other types of hacker attacks.
Another useful plug-in installed to limit login attempts, it allows you to set a limit to the number of login attempts possible.
2. Delete administrator user
The default WordPress users to create a file called “management” and have the opportunity, you use it to access your WordPress dashboard, or you will never be removed.
Create a user name and password that is difficult to guess the user menu and assigned to its administrator privileges, you can make your site more secure. Then, log on to the dashboard, the user name, and delete the admin user to return to the “user” menu. Note: Make sure that the option you choose “Properties of all articles and links to the newly created user or all due to management positions will also be deleted!
3. Keep everything
Please ensure that you regularly check for updates for your WordPress plugins and themes. Timely install any updates as they become available
There are many points into your WordPress blog, including your computer, mobile devices and Web host. Please make sure your computer operating system installed, updated anti-virus software and other security applications. Also make sure that where you store your Worpdress installation is safe, choose a reliable host and use a strong password to access the dashboard or cPanel and FTP host.
Keep everything also means uninstall or delete any theme or plug-in that you no longer use. Many topics such as last year’s timthumb script using vulnerability has been discovered, so many attacks on the WordPress website. What makes this script is particularly dangerous, you do not need to have a theme active hackers can use it, if you have unused theme in your directory contains the script, your site is vulnerable. Therefore, if you do not use a theme or plugin – it completely get rid of, do not just turn it off.
4. Be careful you download themes and plugins
Not every theme or plug-in is safe. Some sites that offer free WordPress themes, but contain hidden links or other vulnerabilities. If you do not know if a theme or plugin source is safe, you can safely be downloaded from the the WordPress.org theme and plugin.
5. Get Your secret key
Protect your site join unique key installed WordPress. You can make your unique key position: https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/salt. The site will generate a key, to see something like that you can paste into your wp-config.php file.
Define (“AUTH_KEY ‘,’ JYG5M2_FLP: xjysA [xhEgU |) 3M_mK (SlsM definition (the” SECURE_AUTH_KEY ‘,’ r6XBbh} M) TOQ / 4E! (Wsq4 | Z. – 2E-C1bpM8mXDRTLz? PEM, Z> _5Ixpr { PN `Q] NE ‘);The definition (LOGGED_IN_KEY, ^ _ (through X / N (B <=: eOr4/0Q-/hJq47U | CJT} = J ');Of definition ("NONCE_KEY ',' rTUbp` E * / aPWdc ^! CSWUggG | AZOW9bS, C + TFU-phpp in + J] TQS ^ glzv XK-R $ ');Defined (AUTH_SALT ',' YU ^% _AT_ IB QpR6 = {orvRJ? Y] HP-S}) DuHKW = B `JF ~~ H HT PV6} tWeSRjw 6 defined (” LOGGED_IN_SALT “,” 9ZSi8b 317eX6 me?) 68 weapon ^ S ^ Wwmvn7 + GSHS! BM: ‘);Defined (“NONCE_SALT”, “(H-$ YGA2, | L. YlU: X * {WV_ x1CJoAf1 / ^ 9? BZ | 85xp + u.2p ~ the VC 8VMbF-Q ~ 5d3p ‘>’);
There are many other things that can be done to ensure WordPress, some of which are more advanced that requires some technical know-how, but these simple safety tips to help you protect your site a long way to go.