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30DaysBest web hosting with money back guarantee2 sept. 2018 14:16

NVMe SSD eCommerce web hosting in Germany


We are an ideal web host in Europe offering quick hosting services for CMS like Prestashop, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Typo3, OsCommerce…

YOORshop has its server located in France, and we can offer you for free an IP located in 13 countries in Europe :
Germany, France, Belgium, England (UK), Spain, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ireland, Lithuania, Finland

Our servers are the fastest in Europe thanks to Nginx, and our cache modules : eAccelerator, memcached, Apc, OPcache, Xcache. Every hosting account also include cPanel, Softaculous, Cloudflare !

Our hosting offer includes cPanel/Softaculous and you can install scripts/Cms like Prestashop, WordPress, Joomla, in 2 clicks ! Check our offers 

Web hosting in Germany

Our Best Features

100% 3D NVMe SSD drives of latest generation

High Performances with Nginx server, Litespeed

Multiple PHP versions, 15 days backup access…

Reactive helpdesk, competent and accurate

SSL HTTP/2 + HSTS, WAF, country trafic filters

Create your website simply in only 3 clicks…

2 sept. 2018 14:16

What is cPanel ?


cPanel is a backend administration interface that makes it easy for you to manage your website. It is the leader, and best panel of the market Easy and high performance web hosting in one of 13 countries in Europe where we have DC, or in Canada USA, or in Singapore Indonesia, this is exactly what you will get !

Easy to use, friendly interface

All tools included

Live cPanel Demo

Demo cPanel YOORshopPEOPLE US

Why Choose YOORshop ?

Hosting multiple PHP versions YOORshop

Multiple PHP versions

Choose easily PHP version among all most recent ones

Hosting website transfer YOORshop

Free website transfer

We offer you to transfer your website for free !

Hosting website builder YOORshop

3 clicks website

Softaculous allow you to create your website in only few clicks

NVMe SSD Hosting fast loading speed YOORshop

High Performances

Ultra fast loading speed thanks to NVMe SSD drives, Nginx…

Hosting reactive helpdesk support YOORshop

Top Helpdesk 24/7/365

We stand by 24/7/365 and answer within 30 minutes on average

Hosting firewall WAF website YOORshop

High web security

High security with several layers to protect your website

Hosting money back guarantee YOORshop

30 days money back !

30 days money back guaranteed, no questions asked

Hosting free ssl certificates YOORshop

Free SSL certificates

Free SSL certificates, automatic, and unlimited. Brotli, HTTP/2, HSTS

Hosting backup YOORshop

15 days backup

15 days backup, restore selectively from your hosting panel

Find your perfect domain name for FREE !

You can start your order by the domain name…

  • .FR
  • .COM
  • .NET
  • .BE
  • .EU
  • .ORG


Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions relating to the products and services listed on this page. If you can’t find the answer to your question or if you would like more information about it, please feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to help you.

2 sept. 2018 14:16What is web hosting ?


A web hosting service is a remote computer service provided by a web host (or host), and giving you the ability to manage, store, publish and therefore make available one or more websites on the internet. A web hosting is a shared web hosting, that is to say that the server is shared between several customers. The new generation of shared hosting is very efficient and stable thanks to the new techniques of isolation and guarantees of resources. eCommerce hosting refers to sufficient powerful hosting to provide fast loading speed for online stores, this is exactly what we offer contrarily to industrial web hosts. You will have access to all management functions through an administration panel named cPanel : PHP versions, mail server, databases…

2 sept. 2018 14:16What is cloud hosting ?


A cloud hosting is a high availability web hosting service. Data are duplicated real time in same datacenter. YOORshop use higher technology than cloud alone, indeed, we use an owned cloud clustered hosting technology where data are replicated between 2 different datacenters at minimum with minimal distance of 300km. This provide a higher uptime guarantee than replication being only in one single datacenter.

2 sept. 2018 14:16How to build easily a website ?


Thanks to Softaculous included in your cpanel, this is the way by which you will be able to create a nice website in few clicks. Our last generation SSD shared hosting services can host any type of website, and increase truly its loading speed. See our article : What is Softaculous and cPanel ?

2 sept. 2018 14:16Which ecommerce hosting plan to choose ?


Wondering if our plans has enough power for your website ? Answer is : ‘Yes surely, if you choose the adapted plan’. We are not industrials with over crowded and slow servers, we only offer true high quality web hosting services, which explain why our prices are a little higher than average. e-Commerce online shops usually require more resources and a good availability. Don’t worry if you finally need more resources, you can upgrade later in few clicks without interruption. You can read our article to find out more : Which SSD hosting plan to choose ?

2 sept. 2018 14:16Will my services be setup immediately ?


Yes if payment is validated straight, within only few seconds, you will receive all informations to access your SSD hosting service.

2 sept. 2018 14:16What competencies are required ?


Managing your hosting account requires just you to read/discover how it works in cPanel, it’s very simple and intuitive. Also, we have many articles in our Knowledge base to help you, our support is here for that too. For webmastering questions, you must refer to related google search/forum/knowledge base of the editor of CMS if any. Where to find a webmaster ?

2 sept. 2018 14:16Does this product include user support ?


Yes, any server problem is our responsibility and will be dealt automatically and quickly by our monitoring department, or, if on request, by ticket support.

2 sept. 2018 14:16Do you offer any money back guarantee ?


Yes, we offer 30 days money back guarantee on all our services except VPS and dedicated servers. The guarantee applies also for any billing cycle, and is valid 30 days from date of purchase.

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