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June 10, 2021

Web Hosting directory built to provide user best information about Domain name registration companies and hosting service provider with plan which help customer to choose best hosting company for their personal and business website. Listing provide with simple and easy directory structure which help user to choose best hosting plan from small personal site to big e-commerce website. User can find hosting according to their technology , website size , budget , need and regional hosting company like USA, UK , Canada or even Australia, India , New Zealand and other European countries . Web hosting sites are listed in these directory according to affordability, reliability, uptime and tech support.

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Web hosting term is generated when the websites constriction come into world wide web. Now the web hosting became very popular word in the global Internet dictionary. Web hosting covers whole markets and service providers who are selling their product world wide. Web hosting having a chain starting from shared hosting then passing through hybrids web hosting and after that come across dedicated web hosting.

Shared hosting : Shared hosting now popular used by many companies and individuals because it has less cost in comparison to other and its so easy to use as well as handle also having many feature which are compatible with the global needs. Most people know its as normal hosting or even regular hosting as well as conventional type hosting but the idea is same , in which company or even company website have to share same web space , band width a number of network resources with other websites which share same web disk space . Its having many features like low-cost as well as easy to maintain even a person having no depth knowledge in web hosting. Also most small companies and individual prefer this because of these packages do not slack on power, as they come loaded with an arsenal of useful features. Whenever a new customer want hosting services he prefer shared hosting because of its less value, simplicity and without headache maintenance .

Dedicated Hosting : Whenever company or even person needs reliable, flexible as well as full construable web hosting dedicated server or in other words dedicated hosting is the best option , where the money is not matter but security and reliability is big point of consideration . In the dedicated hosting all the resources and the hardware are working for one company or website and not be shred with any other websites. In this hosting user having control over all the resources means user are super user or admin of the all network resources as well as hardware and he flexible to use it in their own way .In the Dedicated hosting user can choose their own operating system as well as install their own software application also can encrypted their resources for security purpose to provide best security mechanism. On the other hand it require user have best knowledge to maintain and run all the services . In the dedicated hosting user will be administrator or all the resources and it require much experience. Big companies prefer dedicated hosting because they require higher bandwidth , big disc space as well as flexibility and security .
VPS Hosting : Now there are some new technologies are come into web hosting market which provide better solutions and reasonable also according to small and big company websites need. Now its know as VPS hosting or even Virtual Private Server , in this technology a single physical server can be portioned into multiple virtual server by using a software , this is also know as virtualization that resulted into a number of independent machine environment and can be operated as individual function for each and every partition .There are many features involved into VPS hosting like more guaranteed resources better performance and security which not possible into shared hosting also compatible as dedicated hosting also its less expensive in comparison to dedicated hosting. That why VPS hosting considered as hybrid solutions of shared hosting and dedicated servers .

Managed Hosting : Expensive but most appropriate solutions
In the managed hosting refers to full services of the dedicated server and now its most common application for big company website. In this hosting person have to full-fledged knowledge of server complexities and having the abilities of troubleshooting specially for big server space or big web applications. The terms refer as person have to manages the main feature of the server like applications , software’s and databases , So he can able to monitor database administration to monitoring and extensive support. Managed hosting come into the existence where the customer having less knowledge about server space management but he want full control on its own side than managed hosting provide him to managed such huge application, network resources , databases in an integrated way such can be managed by easy way . But on the other hand its require less technical abilities as compared to dedicated server management. But its main draw back it is more expensive than other hosting types .

Reseller Hosting : Now became profitable

Reseller hosting is new emerging technology in hosting services worldwide make profitable to web hosting companies. In this type of the service a customer can buy certain amount of disk space , bandwidth and other network resources with features such can be sell to other small hosting need customer acceding to their choice who want to make their presence in world wide web (WWW). This type of hosting is popular now a days because just paying small amount you can start your own business and generate good income by their investment . Whenever a customer buy reseller hosting from big hosting provider, a reseller account can run seamlessly and transparently enough to give you the presence of a large, established company.

Hosting Features :

Web hosting are the essential for every business domain or individual who want to make their presence on internet or even want to sell something through it. Customer have to follow our needs and right hosting plan for their business .There are many features like a web hosting company should have
1) Domains : Company have right to offer latest TLDs in the industry at lowest price like .com, .net, .info, .biz .org are most common also many regional specific domains TLDs are .co.in, co.uk, .cn and many more. Many companies also provide free hosting , blogs , forum, blog/podcast tool, photo album , e-mail account while you register a domain with a registrar.
Site Building : Many customer having no technical skills to launch a website in this case register company or hosting provider provide a large collection of web sites templates , blogs, forums and other web sites frame , a user can choose and just up their own site with just writing their content . Some companies provides new features like google webmaster , podcast , widgets, plus a forum, guestbook, phtoalbum with instant site builder . you can find smart or instant site builder or blog/podcast software as well as and Internet photo hosting in their packages absolutely free. Besides that every hosting company or registrar have own design team of professional who built their own website as cheap as possible according to their needs . In the gallery section a customer can find instant site to upload a number of types website like restaurant , online shopping , Club , Dance , Music or even photo or video sharing site template .

Web Hosting : A customer can choose various type hosting according to their plan, budget and need like shared hosting, dedicated server, VPS hosting, Front page hosting , reseller hosting .

E-mail : Every website you want to launch must have own E-mail identity for business purpose that why many companies provide either free E-mail account or even cheap e-mail account services So a customer can choose email address has your domain name right in it.

Business type : According to their business security , flexibility and scalability customer can choose eCommerce and online marketing tools without prior technical knowledge . Some companies having Quick shopping cart, logo creation, Banner making software and other tools for making a full featured Business website.
SSL Certificates: Secure Sockets Layer Certificates-or SSLs are basically moved encrypt sensitive data as it moves to and from your Web site. With the SSL company can secure client data to theft like social security and credit card numbers an its most applicable feature for any business or online shopping website.

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