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June 7, 2021

It is a service that provides web space for client’s website on web server which was located typically in a data centre and provides access to the website information through internet connectivity.

We provides hosting with 99.9% uptime guaranteed. We provide wide range of hosting solutions on windows platform and Linux Platform. We provide customized solutions depending upon the need. 

So when you host with us you make sure that you are in the safe hands.

Following Types of Web Hosting services are available with us:

  •  Shared web hosting service

Your Web site is placed on the same server as several hundred other sites. These are somewhat restricted to what can be done. 

  •  Dedicated web hosting service

Client will get own web server with full control over it (root access for Linux/administrator access for Windows) 

  •  Collocation web hosting service

In this we provide physical space that your server takes up and we takes care about bandwidth and data centre. 

This kind of web hosting service is optimized for specific clients having specific requirement of hosting large files.

When you host with us, you can rest assured that your website will load reliably and quickly. You’ll have the advantage of comprehensive daily statistics, complimentary FrontPage extensions, and multiple e-mail options including webmail.

Mavis Technologies has joined leading Technical Service Provider in Silicon Valley to host our web servers, Network used by our data centre runs on Gigabit Ethernet and multiple OC48’s.

We host our servers at data centre, which are built for ultimate performance and reliability. Faster circuits provide by our data centre, offer us the ability to continue to grow, benefit our customers with better coast to coast throughput and eliminate the possibility of congestion during peak periods or surges in traffic.

The faster OC48 cross-country circuits augments our data center’s already abundant network comprised of connections ranging from gigE (1,000 Mbps) fiber rings in the Silicon Valley to cross-country OC48 circuits, which connect several major exchange points, such as PAIX (Palo Alto), AADS (Chicago), Equinix Ashburn (Ashburn), NYIIX (New York) and MAE West (San Jose). 

Our self-healing network architecture, which virtually eliminates a single point of failure. Additional facility features include a digital surveillance system, a high-security card key system, and a knowledgeable onsite staff available 24/7.

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