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Let Us Help With Your Website Design

Most winery owners don’t have the time or the skills to manage their own website. So, we hooked up with one of the top design companies to help you with a website that is easy to maintain and save you from expensive development cost. Check out our link Market My Winery and see for yourself how we can help you showcase your winery to the world. Look professional and reflect the integrity you have put into your business.

Going Mobile Friendly: Don’t loose your search rating

Besides the inconvenience to the mobile user having pinch and zoom content with a website that isn’t mobile friendly, there’s even a greater reason to consider taking a serious look for your main site to comply with mobile specs.

Google’s latest announcement says they will be highlighting only websites that are mobile friendly, and websites will not be deemed as being mobile friendly if:

• The website uses software that is not common on mobile devices (such as “Flash”).
• It has text that is only readable by zooming in.
• The site has content that is not automatically resized – causing users to have to scroll horizontally or zoom.
• It features links that cannot be tapped easily because they are too close together.

If you’re not sure if your website will pass the test, there is a useful tool provided by Google that you can use to check to see if a website is mobile friendly.

America’s Wine Trails’ technical team can help you better reach the 92% of the population using their mobile devices and retain your search rating with Google. If your winery hasn’t embraced mobile friendly technology, it’s time to take a serious look. Let us help!
Contact us for a free analysis and quote to give your website a thumbs up by mobile users.