June 4, 2021

I called up Webflexx’s potential client yesterday, given to me by one of my existing client. When I called Mr. Lee, the potential client, he said he has been searching high and low for a web designer but do not know where to find them. I told him that there are plenty around, but he said, “yeah but good ones are hard to come by”, so I told him that we are around to assist him and hopefully he will find us good.

He was pretty amusing when he commented that his friend would not recommend us if they find us otherwise. I laughed and said, one man’s experience is another man’s knowledge. For him right now it’s knowledge till he experienced it.

So I will be seeing him tomorrow. He mentioned on the phone that he has been using some freelancers.

And every now and then, I get remarks that asked if Webflexx is made up of freelancers. I told them no. Cuz we are not freelancers. We just happen to be a group of people who see ourselves as owners of our careers. Every project and every assignment, we do not see ourselves as employees, but we see ourselves as owners of each project.

If not, then it will look as though we are just another set of people from a company that produces mediocre job. Yes? No?

And I also told my clients that we do not produce chapalang job. Simply because they are way too many people out there who does them.

Develop a website in 7 days.

We’ll give you your website in 3 days!

Build a website in 24 hours!

Yeah, and after that, get your no-result website. You get what you paid for. Every website needs careful planning, careful content, and careful strategic maintenance program. Yes, you can setup a website in 24 hours, even a junior high student can do that these days! But does the website bring back “Return on Investment” for you?

A website is one that comes with a lot of care and concern. Neglect it and it will not work for you. Why setup a website and expect streams of visitors overnight? It does not work that way. Setup a website and promote it like crazy! The spiders love it, the search engines love it, Google loves it, and most of all, your visitors love it!

Content is king! Update is queen too. Upset the queen and your king will rule with no direction and no focus.

So my friends, get a proper website done. Study it carefully. Forget those instant-website thing. It gets you nowhere.

After all, you get what you paid for! 🙂