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May 24, 2020

Code95 | Web Design and Development Company in Egypt

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    Economy Plus is your hub for exclusive economic news released moment by moment, integrating both local and world news featured in videos, info-graphs and articles.

    Economy plus offers a comprehensive and exclusive coverage of the trending local and world economic news. The website mainly focuses on maintaining and reinforcing the provided news by videos for more reliability and transparency.

    Code95 proudly delivered the Economy Plus fully developed and functional website in only three short weeks.

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    economy plus projects

    Code95 has designed and developed an extremely dynamic yet elegant website for MUST University (Misr University for Science and Technology). MUST is the first private university established in Egypt; they have a certain position to uphold and thus the website had to fit that.
    The website was launched in 2018, and it brought the university to the screen; it contained everything students needed from enrollment to basic information about classes.

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    MUST University information project

    Code95 has developed and hosted the brand new KIA Egypt mobile application. After a strong collaboration between Code95’s Technical Consultation team and KIA Egypt’s IT team, an appropriately fit mobile application was created.
    The brand new KIA Egypt mobile application was launched in 2019 and it offers an extremely facilitated maintenance booking experience. The digitized booking experience lets you choose a convenient time for you and directs you to the nearest service centre; all through a

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    KIA Egypt Developed by Code95 Web Developent Comoany

    Lafarge regards their employees’ health and safety as a top priority; thus they needed an internal mobile application to help employees report accidents in order to minimize and eliminate occupational hazards.
    Code95 developed the Lafarge Health and Safety mobile application which had an extremely easy reporting system, and an even easier communication system that will help employees be up-to-date with the report they submitted.

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    Lafarge Mobile app is developed by Code95 Web design & Development Company

    CSRWort is an online newspaper presented by CSR Egypt, a specialized company in the area of social responsibility, developed and hosted by Code95.

    Using the latest technologies in the Web Development field, CSRWort breaks all the news and specialized studies in the field of social responsibility. Launched in early 2018, the website is carefully designed to help raise awareness and culture of corporate responsibility through rich content and striking visuals.

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    CSRWort was developed by Code95 Web design & Development Company in Egypt

    Acti Egypt is a leading company is in the field of home appliances as being at the forefront of introducing international brands with high-end technology to the Egyptian market, such as: De’Longhi and Kenwood. Their dynamic and functional e-commerce website is designed and developed by Code95 and launched in 2019.

    Using cutting-edge technology, Code95 offered an e-commerce solution where users can browse, view and compare items before purchasing them. Through a smooth user experience, the home

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    Acti Egypt ECommerce site was developed by Code95 web design & development Company in Egypt

    El Nidaa’s dynamic e-commerce website was designed and developed by Code95. El Nidaa works with women and youth of the south (Qena Governorate) to revive and create signature artisanal and handicraft products. It aims to create job opportunities and develop unprivileged families through offering their work online for the local and global markets.

    With this passion in mind, Code95 created a hub for these products, where users from all over the world can browse and purchase

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    El Nidaa was developed by Code95 company

    Sanofi, a multinational pharmaceutical company, needed a mobile application to facilitate prescribing Lantus medicine dosages to their patients. Code95 proudly delivered the requested Glargine Converter application.
    The application is used by doctors, and it lets them compare and convert dosages from Glargine to Lantus medicine. It also offers locations for available medicine outlets in order to further assist the patient.

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    Sanofi was developed by Code95 Company

    Cement Industry Division in Egypt website is one of Code95’s design and development projects launched in May 2019.

    This is yet another contribution to the construction industry along with our previous projects with mega companies like Lafarge, Gama and more. Our immense experience and customer satisfaction in this sector has ushered us into exciting opportunities with new partners, such as Cement Division.

    This website was designed, developed and hosted by Code95 to fit the needs of

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    Gama Constructions is one of Code95’s clients with a website launched in April 2019.

    We designed and developed the company’s website to highlight their engineering and construction services amongst its various sectors, such as buildings, infrastructure and industrial projects. We also worked to showcase their amazing portfolio, latest news and career center.

    Code95 designed the website to fit Gama’s audience in terms of clear navigation, simple style and direct messages. Along with the best technology, we adapted

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    Elmohandess Press for Printing carton boxes is one of the newest additions to the Code95 portfolio.

    This corporate website designed, developed and hosted by Code95 was launched in May 2019. Its eye-catching design is both exceptionally beautiful and incredibly dynamic. With remarkable technology behind it, the development and cloud hosting complementing the design give the website the perfect infrastructure.

    The Elmohandess Press website demonstrates its products, process, quality assurance and more in this ideal B2B platform.

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    Vibez is a creative agency specialized in event management, brand development and production of innovative content.
    We successfully wrapped up and delivered their website. The Vibez website is designed and developed in a manner that best features their services, highlights their privileges and conveys their brand voice to their target audience.

    Hona El Shabab is one of the biggest competition shows on the Arabic television for entrepreneurs and startup companies. The show is presented by the broadcaster Lamis El Hadidy and aires on CBC. The show’s contestants are judged by a group of experts and jury members including big names in the entrepreneurship and the marketing field.

    We proudly delivered Hona El Shabab website a competition that offers a meaningful experience and has a significant message beyond.

    Hona El Shabab Project info

    HASSAN JAMEEL for cars is one of the biggest corporations in KSA; they are agents for Toyota – Lexus.Based on their request we developed a website that features images and specifications for their cars. There are also some uploaded videos, for the latest cars in the market, that enable the user to compare between different cars attributes and decide easily which car suits him best, the user can also book an appointment for the

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    HASSAN JAMEEL Project info

    Elbadil is a comprehensive media portal, following the Progress Organization for Press and Media LLC, their motto is (the Voice of the Oppressed). Their mission is to deliver the voice of the oppressed in all fields and at all levels; help them express themselves; and present their voice by visuals and articles. It gained a lot of exposure lately because of their wide media coverage for the political events in Egypt, accordingly, they wanted to develop

    Elbadil project info

    SCCT, Suez Canal Container Terminal, is an Egyptian terminal opened in 2004 as a Joint Venture with APM Terminals. SCCT is strategically located at the mouth of the Suez Canal – offering zero deviation from one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world – and creating unique access to key markets in the East Mediterranean and Egypt.

    SCCT has succeeded in handling 21,000 vessels with a total of 29.5 million TEUs produced in 12 years

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    scct project info

    Juhayna Food Industries is Egypt’s leading dairy and juice manufacturer specialized in the production, processing and packaging of dairy, juice, and cooking products. Since it was founded in 1983, it has pioneered the dairy and juice production industry in Egypt and has expanded its presence in the Middle East. Juhayna’s commitment to deliver a wide range of high-quality, healthy, and safe products made it one of the most trusted and preferable names to the households.

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    Juhayna Project info

    Nogoum FM was born in 2003 as a broadcast radio station from Cairo – Egypt providing contemporary hits music, talk and information.
    They made the modern shift in the FM radio industry in Egypt and MENA region.
    Instead of being limited to an online streaming radio channel, Nogoum FM decided to develop a new integrated responsive website. Now you won’t just listen to Nogoum FM on the website, but you can also follow

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    Nogoum Fm developed website

    Magrabi Hospitals Website has devolved from being a simple eye hospital in Jeddah to become the largest and first sub-specialized medical care in the Middle East and Africa, providing the excellence in the Eye, ENT and Dentistry care with the most skilled internationally trained doctors.
    They used to have a website that was poor in design and development with no back-end and it also didn’t present their data efficiently.
    We developed a

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    Magrabi Hospitals was developed by Code95

    Welad El-Balad newspaper website is considered a great leap to expand their digital presence.
    It’s a question we get regularly: “Who’s still reading print newspaper?”. Digital audience continuously growing worldwide, their engagement with newspaper content reached a new peak in 2015, totalling 179.3 million adult visitors, which reveal the vitality of newspaper media in an era where all businesses are challenging to enhance performance. Regarding this statistic, Welad El-balad have taken the decision to

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    Welad El-balad considered as the first personalized and location based online newspaper website on the level of governorate.

    This is Egypt is a website designed to boost and support tourism in Egypt, the campaign is held under the supervision of the ministry of tourism.

    Minister of Tourism Hisham Za’zou’ launched This is Egypt campaign in order to exclude the negative impression of tourism in Egypt saying:  “We are at a pivotal point in terms of tourism development in the country and the new campaign demonstrates our commitment in attracting travelers from our sister Arab countries to discover

    This is Egypt is a website designed to boost and support tourism in Egypt, the campaign is held under the supervision of the ministry of tourism.

     123kora is a live feed website, designed specifically to cover the football (Soccer) matches and leagues details moment to moment and it is considered to be unique in the MENA region and the fastest in covering not only local matches but also international matches. 123kora is in both Arabic and English languages. One of the challenges Code95 faced is that the matches structure is not fixed and that require using NoSQLsOne of the

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    123kora is a live feed website, designed and developed by Code95 specifically to cover the football (Soccer) matches and leagues details moment to moment

    NCF (National Competence Framework) is a website representing the NCF project by ITIDA and IFC. This program is aiming to develop a sustainable approach to enhance the employability of the Egyptian ICT talent pool and upgrade the quality of their training and education. ITIDA collaborated with Aon Hewitt, an international company specialized in human resources and consulting services, as part of the national strategy to develop information technology, outsourcing and communication centers.

    The NCF project is

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    NCF is developed website by Code95 is expected to be a quantum leap in the development of education, training and employment sectors in IT industry

    Arab Source Code is an open source network to promote cooperationand collaboration between the Foss communities in the Arab countries.We got a proposal from NGO, they wanted  the development of an open source
    community between several Arab countries and they also requested branding ideas that suits the concept.

    Code95 welcomed the idea and was really enthusiastic to work on it and introduce it to the market, hoping that the FOSS concept will go viral in the future in the MENA region and help

    Arab Source Code is an open source network to promote cooperation between Foss communities in Arab countries to increase development of open source network.

    Egypt the future

    Is a website that introduces Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) which is hosted by the president Abdel-Fattah El Sisi in Sharm El-Sheikh on the 13-15 March of 2015, the conference is a key milestone of the government’s medium term economic developing plan, which is designed to bring the prosperity and improve social services to the people of Egypt.

    Egypt the future is carried out after the passed king of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Abd El-aziz’s

    Egypt the future is expected that Egypt Economic Development Conference will help in developing Egyptian Economy.

    Vodafone Egypt, part of the UK’s Vodafone Group, is a mobile network operator in Egypt, formerly known as Click GSM. Vodafone wanted to have an online customer support on a social media network (Facebook).

    This is when Code95 developed and designed an online forum that is integrated on Facebook. What’s different about the forum is that it has the same look and feel of Facebook with all the social interactions on a mobile interface (iOs/Android).

    The well

    vodafone Egypt Project info

    Al-Masry Al-Youm is a website developed as an extension from Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper. Al Masry Al-Youm is a daily independent newspaper with the highest distribution in the Egyptian market. The newspaper depends on presenting its media services through a group of professional Egyptian journalists. The area of news coverage is extending to all the Egyptian districts through a special set of privileged reporters in all governorates.

    Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper’ aim is to present accurate impartial news and information

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    Al-Masry Al-Youm Sharek is the first website developed to empower the Egyptian citizen to articulate news and topics.

    Al-Masry Al-Youm Lite is a developed extension from Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper. After 10 years of launching Al-Masry Al-Youm, it was decided that there needs to be a change in the way we see news through the new Al-Masry Al-Youm Lite website. This website presents new ways and facilities fitted for new readers with different cultures and attitudes.

    Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper is considered one of the largest private press institutions in Egypt. It was founded in late

    Visit site

    Al-Masry Al-Youm Lite is developed to deliver the best news experience.

    Daily news Egypt wanted to have an extension of the newspaper online, the challenge was that they needed the newspaper in a week. This is when Code95 accepted the challenge and developed/designed, and launched the newspaper in the expected time. The website developed and designed in a very sophisticated yet simple taste. The look and feel is classy and comfortable for the eye. Also, the usability of the website is really easy; users can navigate from an article to

    Daily news Egypt developed and designed to suits presenting different services with total efficiency

    AlBorsa News website is a website specialized in providing the latest/daily Egyptian economic and stock market information and indications. The website provides full information about the Egyptian mutual funds, The Egyptian stock market and detailed market reports. Code95 was picked to develop AlBorsa news website because of our experiences with online newspapers’ websites like AMAY Light, Sharek and Daily news. The challenge was that AlBorsa owners wanted the development

    AlBorsa News project information

    CCHE 57357 Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals specializing in children’s cancer in the world. It is considered a symbol of societal solidarity and togetherness in Egypt.

    The cost of establishing the hospital and inputting medical equipment, as well as the cost of the cure, is provided entirely by donations. And as expected, many Egyptian politicians, businessmen and athletes have participated in donation campaigns for 57357. The hospital is adopting a valuable approach which is

    The CCHE 57357 is adopting a valuable approach which is providing a free treatment for kids infected with cancer.

    Dandin is a brand new innovative sound service, it is one of a kind in the Middle East Market. The owners had a dream to help people be heard and explore their talent in any field from comedy to music to politics. Code95 took on the challenge of developing this website and getting you in the “Music Empire” we live through the project.

    The project was completed using the Agile management system, where the team was

    Visit site

    Dandin Project information

    Yalla N Shop is an integrated E-Commerce website and solution. Yalla N Shop is a Service solution E-Commerce Website owned and operated by Code95. It is an online store on Facebook in the form of an application page tab and a website with a mobile interface.

    Yalla “N” Shop is a full featured Social Ecosystem that provides you with the applications and resources needed to enhance your e-commerce business model and increase your profits by generating

    Visit site

    Yalla N Shop is a Social branded E-Commerce Website as a Service solution owned and operated by Code95.

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