VPS Thailand. Dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting in Bangkok,Thailand. Thailand Dedicated server and VPS Hosting. Affordable virtual server rent. Rent VPS server and Dedicated Server with ease.

June 10, 2021

VPS Thailand. Dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting in Bangkok,Thailand. Thailand Dedicated server and VPS Hosting. Affordable virtual server rent. Rent VPS server and Dedicated Server with ease. VPSThai.com VPS Thailand. Dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting in Thailand provided by VPSThai.

We host more international customers than any other providers. Our prices are not cheap but our international bandwidth is the largest and the fastest that you won’t find from other providers in Thailand elsewhere. Our clients are from the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea , China, Russia, Israel, etc.

We are paying higher fees to the IDC to get the best of International and domestic bandwidth. When compared to most local VPS and Dedicated Servers providers in Thailand, we are among the top. We can transfer 4GB of data under 2 minutes outperforming our competitors in this region.

Other VPS and Dedicated Servers providers or about 95% of them cannot make it over 5Mbps for International bandwidth. So if you are suffering with low bandwidth to work with your servers , please consider us for your VPS and Dedicated Servers rental needs. Our customers are from every part of the world, including USA, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, etc. They can remotely access the servers in Bangkok with ease without any delay even if using RDP to Windows 2008 in graphic mode. Of course, speed is the key to our success. Our fees may be higher when compared to other VPS and Dedicated server hosting providers because our cost is higher. However, you get what you pay for. If you are not shopping for the lowest prices, but the reliable VPS and Dedicated server hosting provider, look no further.

We have Dedicated Servers with special low prices and are available for immediate deployment in the next working day. Grab now. Limited time only or until stock lasts. Hurry up!

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We are a small company so there is no way to compare to those giants. However, there are some points to ponder the benefits of using a small company.

First, a technical support is not hard to reach. You will get a human contact, responses via E-mails or phone calls whereas it is hard to reach a human support or you won’t be able to get the same experience of human contact from those big companies at all.

Second, setting up cloud-based instances are good for applications with growing in traffic and computing power. Scalable is good but your budget is unpredictable too. We do not charge you on a hourly basis so your budget is under control. We provide a fixed price per month or longer term with an extra RAM including more storage space and lower fees.

In the cloud-based providers, you only have root privileges equivalent but not a real root access. They take control of your VM and manupulate it from their ROOT privileges. You only have to access it via your user name and some privileges are still limited, e.g. you cannot destroy yourself. If you are working on a project that requires a certain dependency and full control of the server you are working on other than scalability, then the cloud-based VMs are not for you.

We do not charge you on incoming and outgoing traffic so you can control your budget and grow your business without worrying about paying more than you expected.

A dedicated IP address is the core of doing online business. We offer you a dedicated, fixed public IP address for all VPS and Dedicated server plans. A fixed public IP address is the starting point for an online business. A public IP address means that you can reach your server via an IP from anywhere in the world and make use of it in many online applications. It represents your real server, not just an endpoint setup in the virtual machines like many cloud providers are doing. Some cloud providers change your public IP every time the machine is restarting and that makes a headache for you to restore the connection with your other services when the public IP changes. With the fixed IP address, you can do more with your online business.

Big providers tend to minimize cost through hardware as well, they all use AMD CPU, not Intel for almost all their cloud network to power their computing power. It is nothing wrong to use AMD with lower operating cost but you won’t be able to get this same experience from big providers anyway.

Yes, we really mean it and all our VPS web hosting and Dedicated Server plans come with unlimited , unmonitored, uncapped traffic per month. We are generous enough to give you the power of computing without having to worry about hidden costs which may arise when your sites happened to become popular on the Internet as some providers do. As long as you are not using the VPS or Dedicated Servers for illegal purposes, attacking other people, broadcasting or streaming video, storing or distributing pornographic materials you are mostly always welcome. All you need is you have to abide to the Internet law of Thailand.

All our servers are fitted with a brand-new E3 Quad-core Intel Xeon CPU as a minimum. For whatever reasons, if you find that our VPS or Dedicated servers plans do not meet your requirements , don’t worry. We can customize a made-to-order VPS and Dedicated server hosting to cater your needs. Mix and match to fit your business plans whether you are using the servers for back-up, cloud storage, online shopping sites or whatever reasons. You can identify your preferred RAM and storage space to use. Just let us know your specifications. Our staff will be willing to assist you and answer to any inquiries.

We have pre-set products to choose from. If not satisfied, you can request us for your customized server. Please send us your request. Currently, we have servers available in stock for immediate deployment upon receiving your payment. Normally, we set up the server and ready within the next working day. If our servers are fully occupied, all new Dedicated Server orders will receive only brand-new servers, New servers procurement takes only 3-4 days after receiving payment. Sign up now.