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June 23, 2021

Cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

A VPS server is an individual, virtual server that is on one physical server with other VPS servers. With a VPS server you have a root access so you yourself can manage this server. So you are totally free to install the software that you want on your own VPS server. With your VPS server you will get a web interface through which you can manage this server. Through this web interface you can manage diverse things like a re- installation. With every VPS server you will get the control panel Directadmin with a server license free with i.e. CentOS, apache, nginx, php, mysql, mailserver.
A VPS server is perfect as a step between to a own dedicated server.

Because every VPS server has its own amount of memory, harddisk and data traffic the use of other VPS servers will not be of influence. Because of this you are assured of your own guaranteed surrounding for your applications that you will host within that. Because every VPS server has its own surrounding it also owns it own errors and addresses, functions and associated performance. Besides that it is possible to upgrade to a bigger package at any time. So if you will need more resources, you can do a simple upgrade to get these. A VPS server is ideal to grow with you.

We have Cloud VPS Servers in (Europe, USA and Asia) Netherlands, Germany, France, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Ukraine, Switzerland, Poland, Australia, Canada, England, Austria, Ireland and the USA.