Verified Sites Where You Can Make Money Online in Kenya

June 2, 2021

Which sites can I use to make money online in Kenya?

Here, verified sites mean sites that I have been able to make money online working on these sites, therefore I’m speaking from experience.

Here is the list of sites you can use and successfully earn that online income.

This is currently the best and most professional freelancing website. It has lots of jobs and very professional clients. It pays very well. Writers here earn from $5 per 500 words, all the way to even $100 plus.

Upwork guarantees your payment. To be sure you’ll be paid, you should use the Upwork Desktop App for hourly payments or the client creates a milestone payment. Note that for hourly jobs you need to ensure that the client has a verified payment method.

This is the only site on this list that I still regularly use.

This is a site where you can easily get your first job, though it’s nowadays very greedy and low paying. The average pay here is $2 per 500 words for a freelance writer, which is pure slavery.

After you advance a bit you can get to up to $4 per 500 words. Due to the fact that it pays peanuts, it’s only good for a very new freelancer who’s just practicing for a few weeks. In fact, if you really value your worth as a freelancer, this is no longer the best site to use.

The main advantage with this site is the fact that getting a project can be relatively easy. This site also has so many freelancing opportunities ranging from writing and accounting to web designing among others.

One serious thing to note about this site and other bidding sites like Upwork is that you should always accept work from someone who is willing to create a milestone/escrow payment before you start working..

This way, you will not end up losing money. A milestone/escrow is a payment that a client creates and releases to the website before the project starts.

Neither you nor the client will have access to the cash after he/she creates it. If you successfully finish the project the client can release the milestone and grant you access to the cash.

Another great thing is that you are the only one who can cancel a milestone, the client can’t. He can only raise a dispute in case your work is not up to par and you refuse to cancel the milestone.

Feel free to ask more questions below in case you need more on this. Here is how you can make money online through Freelancer.

FiverrThe first time I checked out the Fiverr website I broke out in laughter. This is one site where you can freelance almost anything for 5 dollars.

Whether you want to write an article, dance dressed up as a hotdog or record yourself reading out someone’s poem in a nice voice, you can do it in Fiverr.

If you market your gig well, you’ll find yourself laughing all the way to the bank.

Here’s how to make money on Fiverr.

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The above are the sites I’ve personally gotten work from. You can do it too.

As time went by, I stopped focusing on such sites, but went on to getting awesome, direct clients. I recommend that to all veteran freelancers.

Freelancing sites have a limit as to how you can withdraw your cash. You may only be able to use PayPal, Payoneer, or bank transfer.

However, with direct clients, you can use any other means to cash out. You’ll love Wise, formerly TransferWise.

And if you get paid via Bitcoin, you can use my favorite marketplace, Paxful, to sell the Bitcoin and receive the cash in M-PESA, Chipper, bank transfer, etc. You get to choose from over 300 payment methods.

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Do you make money online in Kenya? Which website do you use? Feel free to add to the list in the comments below.

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