USA Dedicated Server Hosting – HostRound

September 7, 2020

Selected location matters

We offer servers in multiple locations, in the USA (Dallas, TX – Los Angeles, CA & New York City), and in the Netherlands

Selected Hardware

Servers built on the latest technology and most efficient hardware for best performance. Intel CPUs and Enterprise SSD/HDD.

24/7 VIP Support

Blazing fast support powered by experts available 24/7.

rDNS Configuration

Update rDNS records instantly right from your server panel with 1 click. It’s that simple!

Server Stats

Track your Bandwidth usage in real-time right from your server panel.

Wide range of OS

Choose from a wide range of Windows and Linux OS distros. You can install OS from your server panel in a very simple way, choose OS, config SW Raid (if applicable) and click Install.

Enterprise DDoS Protection

All servers are covered with up to 5Gbps free DDoS protection with an Enterprise level protection option up to 500Gbps.