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September 6, 2020

Looking for a dedicated server in the USA? 

Astral Servers is a professional dedicated server hosting service that specializes in dedicated and virtual private server hosting solutions for individuals and businesses alike. We provide our global customers with exceptional dedicated server hosting solutions, thanks to our reliable network and unlimited data transfer limits.

What exactly is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server could be compared to a home computer, however, dedicated servers are housed in special facilities called data centers, which enable them to be continuously running. When comparing a dedicated server to a home computer, many don’t realize that a dedicated server will typically have more powerful hardware than a home computer, and this is because they are meant to handle a wide variety of operations with the always-on aspect.

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Managed or Unmanaged?



There are many different dedicated server hosts out there, and in today’s industry, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of all the many different technical terms. This can be especially true when some people loosely use terms interchangeably when in fact the terms in question mean something else entirely. So what exactly is the difference between unmanaged dedicated server hosting and managed dedicated server hosting?

The difference between unmanaged and managed dedicated server hosting is, in essence, the level of support that is offered in addition to the support offered in regards to the server itself. With unmanaged and managed server hosting, typically server specifications are the same. This might seem confusing, so we’ll explain a bit further.

With managed dedicated server hosting, a customer can take advantage of the technical expertise that the support team possesses to accomplish tasks outside the bounds of general server support.

Example 1: The DNS of a dedicated server is no longer configured correctly. A managed dedicated server user could ask the support staff to reconfigure their DNS while an unmanaged user would be forced to figure everything out entirely on their own.

Example 2: A WordPress site has stopped functioning correctly. A managed dedicated server user could have the support team look into it and fix the problem. An unmanaged dedicated server user would need to look elsewhere online for support and figure it out on their own.

There are certainly many advantages that hosting a managed dedicated server might bring over unmanaged server hosting, but it all comes down to project scope and the technical expertise of the user or developer in question. Many businesses are now taking advantage of managed server hosting services as a way to reduce costs on outsourced support. Users with strong technical skills will most likely find that unmanaged dedicated server hosting is the best option for them, but the choice is entirely optional and depends on the level of additional support that may be required.

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USA Dedicated Server Hosting

When choosing to host a dedicated server here at Astral Servers, our customers often take advantage of our data centers located in the United States of America. When selecting a dedicated server plan, either managed or unmanaged, our customers can select from multiple data centers around the world where they would like their dedicated server to be hosted physically. Many of our customers opt for our USA managed dedicated server hosting services, because of our excellent support team and a wide range of assistive services.

Many businesses and individuals are choosing to host their business or personal dedicated server out of the data center in Virginia. Currently, our managed Jupiter Dedicated Servers, as well as our more powerful plans, come with the option for hosting in the USA. Our Jupiter plan comes with an AMD Epyc CPU @ 2.9 GHz, with 128 GB DDR4 RAM, 4 TB Storage with double data replication, and 1 Gbps upload/download speeds with unmetered data transfer limits.





Why Host With Astral Servers?

We know that choosing the right dedicated server hosting provider isn’t always a quick or necessarily easy thing to do as there are many things to first take into consideration. Many businesses and individuals are choosing Astral Servers as their dedicated server host because of our 24/7 customer support team that is always available to quickly assist with fast problem resolution skills. 

Additionally, all of our dedicated servers, unmanaged or managed, come with advanced DDoS protection firewalls to ensure that our enterprise-level customers are kept safe. All of our dedicated servers come with unlimited data transfers at no additional charge, and all at guaranteed speeds. All of our dedicated servers come pre-configured in RAID, to ensure that data is protected in the event of a drive failure. When ordering, choose from multiple different images of common distributions such as Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, and many more. Contact us for custom images, Windows distributions, or so we can offer quotes for custom server builds.

All of our dedicated servers are kept securely in data centers around the world, these data centers have cutting edge security features to keep out intruders and ensure physical protection, as well as backup generators that could last 48 hours, tall surrounding fences, and nullifying fire dispersal systems. Our dedicated servers also come with an extremely reliable 99.999% uptime guarantee to ensure that minimal downtime accrues. Choose hosting in data centers around the world in locations like: USA, Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Singapore and the UK.