UK WordPress Hosting with Staging: Fast Hosting with a CDN

June 22, 2021

We don’t believe in charging you extra for security. Full protection is included in every WordPress package at no extra charge.

Your site is scanned for malware daily, and we’ll help if anything suspicious is revealed. You can also scan on-demand. Our WordPress checksum tool can also protect you against malicious code. You’ll always have daily backups to fall back on, should the worst happen.

We operate a robust Web Application Firewall to prevent hackers inserting code in to your site, and StackProtect covers you against brute-force login attacks. You get a free SSL to cover the data that your users enter, and 1 Tbs+ DDoS protection. Two-factor authentication is included with My20i and we even give you a strong password generator. We also scan and filter your emails, and our data centres are Payment Card Industry compliant.

But that’s not all: for a full run-down of all our security features, please see our secure hosting page.

Although our WordPress hosting includes the most comprehensive security package available, a web host can’t cover you against every security threat out there. To find out more, please see Secure your WordPress website: the complete guide.