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May 9, 2021

What Is A Data Centre?

A data centre is a network of computing and storage equipment that is concentrated for the purpose of collecting, processing, distributing and allowing access to large amounts of data. Supporting business applications, they can host everything from email and file sharing to customer relationship management systems, as well as communications and collaboration software.

Data centre services, which can include everything from dedicated server hosting and cloud hosting to colocation and agency hosting, are usually utilised due to their enhanced performance and security measures.  This includes network security such as firewall and intrusion protection, as well as application resiliency through automatic failover, for example.

Our data centre is fully-equipped with all of these protection measures and more. Uninterrupted power supplies, backup generators and environmental controls, as well as physical security makes our data centre not only one of the best in Manchester, but in the north-west.


How Secure Is Your Data Centre?

Our data centre has been built with security in mind, with the following measures in place:

  • We are ISO27001-certified, ensuring your data is protected at the highest standards.
  • Our facility is located within a walled and gated area, with multiple security points and advanced controlled entry systems. The data hall can only be accessed by authorised personnel using electronic security fobs, and our intruder alarm is police-linked and monitored by a 24×7 alarm receiving centre.
  • Sites visits are strictly by appointment and restricted to visitor areas only. Customer access is available only to pre-authorised individuals and upon presentation of suitable IDs.
  • 24-hour manned security and overnight guard dogs provide the best in physical security.
  • We have both internal and external 24x7x365 CCTV monitoring with 30 days’ storage.
  • We can also offer DDoS protection for free, which prevents attacks and keeps your systems operating at optimum levels.


Do I Need Windows or Linux Hosting?

All of our dedicated servers are available with Windows and Linux and we can help you to decide which option is right for you.

Linux is widely considered to be one of the best operating systems for web servers, due to its stability, efficiency, reliability and ability to work with even the most demanding of web and mail server requirements. If you want to incorporate PHP, Perl or any MySQL languages, which supports scripts such as WordPress, Zen Cart and phpBB, then this may be the way to go. Also well-suited for blogs, content management systems, ecommerce sites and forums, there’s not much that Linux can’t do.

Windows hosting uses Windows as the server’s operating system and allows the integration of technologies such as Microsoft Access, MSSQL, ASP, .NET and SharePoint. Best for websites that specifically require Windows applications, they are also beneficial if you plan to incorporate searchable databases.

What Does Server Migration Involve?

Server migration is the process of transferring data between data storage systems, data formats or computer systems. Though the prospect of potential downtime and data loss terrify even the most confident of clients, with us, you have no need to worry. From contacting your current host and gaining access to your databases through to taking charge of the migration itself, we make the process a breeze. We have a range of custom-built servers that make migrating websites from cPanel, Plesk and other website platforms very easy, which speeds up the whole process and results in minimum downtime.

We’ll have your websites, data systems and communications software up and running again in no time.


What Is The Difference Between Dedicated Server Hosting and Colocation?

Dedicated server hosting gives you complete control over your server’s hardware, with the web host providing all the services from maintenance and security to temperature control. The host ensures your dedicated server stays up and running with maximum redundancy, and usually has backup and recovery systems in place in the event of a power outage.

Colocation however is where you rent space on a dedicated or shared rack and place your own physical server in the data centre. Most data centres only supply the rack, electricity supply, internet connection and other basic security features. 

At Datacentreplus we offer a range of dedicated server hosting and colocation options which vary in RAM, SSD, IP address allowance and data transfer.

Our Dedicated Server Hosting Options:


Our Colocation Options:

  • 1U
  • 2U
  • 4U
  • 1/4 Rack (10U)
  • Half Rack (21U)
  • Full Rack (42U)


Regardless of the option you choose, with Datacentreplus, you’ll receive 24×7 support, a 99.99% network guarantee and 1GB Port included in your package. You’ll also benefit from our state of the art data centre, and specialist technical team who are always on hand to help with enquires, offer advice and provide support as and when you require it.


How Competitively Priced Are Your Servers, And Do You Charge Set Up Fees?

We provide each of our clients with a personalised approach that gets to the core of their needs, and provides a solution that always exceeds expectations. The level of service provision, staff dedication and range of bespoke services we provide, at prices which are among the best in the industry, ensure a value-led offering that is always worth the investment.

Not only this, but many of our products have set up included in the price, so getting your servers provisioned is easy and can be done within an hour of payment, dependent on the specifications of the server. Services such as dedicated servers, colocation and cloud servers, come with free set up as standard.


Are Your Servers Hosted In The UK?

Our servers are located in our very own data centre, in Manchester, England. Our data centre is fully owned and managed by us, allowing us to work with our customers’ requirements, giving them incomparable levels of support. 

In fact, such is our dedication to customer support, that we’ve invested heavily in our helpdesk and support services, which are provided by our on-site engineers who have a far better understanding of the issues you may encounter than an offshore team. Our team are always available, providing technical assistance when you need it the most.


Do You Backup My Server?

We are only too happy to help with server backups, and you can add this option to your package during the configuration stage of any of our servers, for a small additional fee. 

If you are an existing customer and would like to integrate backup into your current package, then please email us today at


What Can I Install On My Server?

From websites, email applications and instant messaging services to blogs, forums and gaming systems, you can install anything you require to keep your business up and running, so long as it’s not illegal. We have a strict ‘Client Responsibilities’ section under our ‘Terms & Conditions’, which includes:

  • Setting up your system in a way that does not harm the integrity or security of our infrastructure.
  • Not sending offensive, abusive or other such materials that are prohibited by law.

We ask that you respect the integrity of not only your business, but that of others who may be sharing their server with you, as well as our operations.


What Makes Datacentreplus The Right Choice For My Business?

  • We have developed a range of pre-configured hosting options that are perfect for agencies of all sizes, which are reliable, scalable and backed-up by technical support as and when you need it.
  • We have clients from industries spanning health and safety, product development, leisure and digital marketing, providing us with an in depth understanding of the needs of various markets and the knowledge of how to cater to them.
  • We are the fastest growing hosting provider and data centre in the North, becoming a driving force for businesses looking to set up there, or those considering expansion opportunities.
  • Our team is available 24x7x365, so whether you’d simply like some guidance, need help with migration or experience an unexpected issue, we’re always there to get you through it.