Trinidad Web Hosting Company | iMarket

September 4, 2020

If all you require is a web host and you wish to have your website developed by another provider, or even develop your own website, iMarket can assist you.

We use the services of a US-based, large, reputable web hosting company to host our clients’ websites. They provide us with 99% guaranteed uptime.

Our web hosting services begin at TT$1,200 per year.

Registering a .tt TLD domain name?

If you’re interested in getting a .tt TLD domain name from the TTNIC, you will need to add nameservers and IP addresses to complete the registration.

iMarket can provide DNS management services for you if this is all you require.

You can still host your website elsewhere if you desire. You are not locked in to any of iMarket’s services if all you need is DNS management.

iMarket is very experienced in the registration of .tt TLD domain names, so contact us today.