Top 100 Software Development Companies in Poland

June 22, 2021

CSHARK is a custom software development, mobile app development and product design company based in Wroclaw, Poland. Founded in 2014, they have about 270+ team members that deliver projects for large brands and startups in many segments, including global banks, IT services, electronic hardware and software providers, oil and energy, biotechnology, logistics, and others. They create software solutions and specialize in C#, .NET, .NET Core, Go, Java, PHP, frontend technologies, and mobile technologies.



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Mindset Innovation (Eno)


Notable Project

CSHARK is developing custom software for a research company from Switzerland. Working in C# and .NET, the team is implementing a wide range of solutions such as graphical interface, SQL database, algorithmic generation, or modeling engine.

“The code quality increased drastically by reaching an 80% code coverage in just a few months of work, while the amount of feature implemented more than doubled since the arrival of the CSHARK development team.” – Software Architect, Research Company.