Super Computing Cluster: Parallel Computing Cluster

June 22, 2021

High Speedup Computing Cluster

Boost an interconnection through the latest in network architecture

Deploy powerful instances built on advanced hardware such as the Intel Skylake CPU, RoCE v2 RDMA network and Nvidia P100/V100 GPU. The superior acceleration achieved by high-speed networking maximizes the performance of multiple instance clusters.


  • High speed data communication

    RDMA network enables high-speed communication of large-scale data such as GPUDirect, which significantly enhances multi-node cluster acceleration.

  • Superior computing performance

    Meet advanced computing power needs for big data + AI applications by combining the power of CPU and GPU in a single architecture.

  • Interconnectivity of Alibaba Cloud services

    SCC seamlessly integrates with other Alibaba Cloud products and services to provide various solutions and serve different requirements.

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