Storage Dedicated Servers

June 11, 2021

Data backup

This involves creating a copy of the data you want to save in a place other than the one where it is stored. Sometimes data is stored in an independent folder, but located on the same disk. The backup must be taken on a space independent of the original storage area for this data. This way, it will be protected from any incidents that may lead to loss or corruption.

Differential backup

Based on a full backup of the data, a differential backup creates a backup containing the information that was created or modified after the full backup. Each differential backup compiles the changes built into the previous version, while adding the new ones. This uses more storage space than an incremental backup, but requires less processing time if the archived files need to be completely restored.

Incremental backup

Incremental backups are very useful if you want to save space, and start at D+1 of a full backup of the data (i.e. day D). During each backup, the data that has undergone changes, as well as the new data, is incremented with respect to day D-1. However, a full backup will require a longer recovery time compared to the differential backup, as each backup that has been incremented must be copied to a disk.