Spartan Host – DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers

November 25, 2022

What hardware do you use for your dedicated servers?

We only use high quality hardware for our dedicated servers including HP, Dell and Supermicro. We use Western Digital hard drives and Samsung SSDs in the majority of our servers.

Do you offer management services for dedicated servers?

No, all dedicated servers are currently unmanaged.

Do you offer DDoS protection and can I upgrade?

We currently offer the following DDoS protection free with our dedicated servers and colocation:


  • Mitigates attacks up to 20Gb/s / 20Mpps with a burst of 40Gb/s
  • Mitigates all types of TCP Attack including L3, L4 and L7 (see DDoS-Guard below for L7)
  • UDP is temporarily blocked when a UDP attack is received except for DNS
  • Always on mode – no connection drop when an attack hits, instant mitigation
  • Provided by CNServers
  • Optional alternative DDoS protection available from DDoS-Guard on request
    • No additional cost
    • Mitigates both TCP and UDP (service remains online) L3 – L7 DDoS attacks
    • Routed via Los Angeles – latency increase of up to 27ms


  • Mitigates attacks up to 10Gb/s / 10Mpps
  • Mitigates all types of L3 and L4 TCP and UDP attacks
  • Sensor mode – may be a short connection drop before the firewall diverts ddos traffic
  • Provided by Psychz

Upgrades to 40Gb/s / 40Mpps and 100Gb/s / 40Mpps are available for Dallas and 200Gb/s / 200Mpps for Seattle (routed via Los Angeles – latency increase of up to 27ms for Seattle only) at the checkout.