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March 31, 2020

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Sonwebhost specializes in Linux web hosting plans that enable you to operate a reliable, low cost web site, whether you are a small business, a large organization, or you have your own personal web site. Linux is a best-of-the-breed UNIX, although the word “UNIX” is not used in conjunction with Linux because “UNIX” is a registered trademark. The Linux OS gives greater freedom from viruses, “backdoors” to your computer, software manufacturer “features,” invasion of privacy, forced upgrades, proprietary file formats, licensing and marketing schemes, product registration, high software prices, and/or pirating. There are thousands of free applets, tools, and smaller programs (with the emphasis on “smaller”) plus a whole community of highly-educated Linux users, and tens of thousands of actively developed projects. Because Linux is not “owned” it cannot possibly be put out of business and the Linux General Public Licence (GPL) ensures that development/maintenance is ongoing. Sonwebhost’s web hosting plans allow you to use your OWN domain name e.g. or register a name with us. Order your server today.

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