Our Lodgings Web are provided in shared servers, which means that you will share a servant with other clients. The advantages of the shared Hosting are that your webpage will be under the protection of our security systems, you own a Control Panel for the management of the lodging and the servant this preparation so that simply you raise your webpage and sees himself, without needing having to install PHP, Mysql or other programs. A Servant VPS is a Virtual Servant Private, that you will use exclusively, but that is self-sustaining, which means that you will have to occupy of its security and maintenance to you. Normally the VPS are used for webpages that or by reasons for yield or exceptions of security, cannot work in shared lodgings. Also there are people who use the VPS hosting to group several lodgings Web and to assign the necessary resources each. If you need to have a VPS but you do not have the necessary knowledge of programming and want that you we manage it, you can buy our maintenance service of VPS.