Saudi Arabia Targets, 17 Houthi Drones Destroyed

June 23, 2021

RIYADH – Air defense Saudi Arabia managed to destroy 17 drone Houthi which was launched into the Kingdom’s southern region in the Arabian Gulf on Saturday.

A drone laden with bombs targeted Khamis Mushait in the early hours of the morning before seven others targeting the southern region were intercepted in Yemeni airspace in the afternoon.

Thursday Mushait was again the target of two drones at night.

Another drone targeted Najran late at night before six others were shot down near midnight.

“The Houthi militia’s deliberate and systematic escalation against Yemen constitutes a war crime,” the Saudi-led Arab coalition said in a statement Arab News, Sunday (20/6/2021).

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Coalition forces added that they would take steps to protect civilians from enemy attacks.

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebel group has been attacking Saudi Arabia with drones laden with explosives on an almost daily basis in recent weeks despite the United States, the United Nations and Saudi Arabia itself calling for a ceasefire in Yemen.

They faced international criticism again on Saturday for the latest round of attacks.

Kuwait said it supports all measures taken by Saudi Arabia to maintain its security and stability. Bahrain commended the coalition forces’ vigilance to intercept and destroy the drones.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) condemned the Yemeni militia group for systematically targeting civilians, while Jordan said any threat to Saudi Arabia’s security was a threat to the entire region.

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