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March 31, 2020

Service: VPS reseller account. B2 plan.

Signup: Smooth. 3rd party cc handler.6 hours or so before i got login.

The good stuff:
Good friendly service and fast replies. Thats it.

The bad stuff:

Their system is not ready for customers. None of the functions in the reseller panel worked. I could not

– Create a new virtual machine
– Set any limits for it.

48 hours and 4 tickets later. The problem remained. They told me that they had to set them up. So i asked them to do so. 100% of the ressources shared over 5 vps. Example. 100gb hd, 5 vps. 20gb per vps.

This task the support member was not able to perform. Vps was setup but not the limits requested.

They only offer 1 template. Centos 5.7.

When i asked, how do i get debian then ?. The reply was that i had to login via ssh and install it on top of centos. These guys have NO idea what a template is at all.

They use Pentium 4, 3ghz dual core from 2004. (Northwood) for their vps nodes. YES seriously.

Speedtest here:…&postcount=506

Imagine 12-16vps on that cpu. Im fairly sure im the first one to signup. So i got 450 score or so but with 2-3 more resellers on that node it would die fast.

Small thing but announced amount of ram didnt match the info in my reseller panel. this was fixed.

Basicly these kids have no idea what they are doing and had a spare pentium 4 box laying around and they though. “Mmm lets put 12-16 vps on it and resell them for a cheap price”

Stay away. I have requested a refund, i hope they give it to me. And im not a bad guy. Mark (The owner) I wish you the best, but you are miles and miles off offering something you can sell to others. Work on it and i will give your company another go, if you are around in 6 month. If your services and quality dont change, you wont be around next month. But lets see.