Reseller Hosting – Affordable and Flexible to Manage Reseller Program


Reselling out of the box

Special Price 9.99 €/mo. Discounted from 22.99 €/mo. Excl. VAT

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White-label reselling

Special Price 13.99 €/mo. Discounted from 34.99 €/mo. Excl. VAT

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Superior reseller control

Prices from 64.00 €/mo. Configure your plan Excl. VAT

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Which plan is the best for you?

Each plan we feature is suitable for a different workflow and we try to guide you to the best solution for your needs.

Easily manage your work & resources

Single dashboard – multiple sites

Manage all your sites from a single dashboard in your SiteGround Client Area with suspend and delete options and quick access to the Site Tools of each site. Jumping to a specific site in a long list is easy with our search functionality.


Scale your business when needed

In all our plans suitable for resellers you can easily add new sites in a few clicks. In case you need more hosting resources, you can just upgrade to a higher plan or add more space, CPU and RAM to your cloud.


Powerful tools at your disposal

We give you access to a wide range of tools to help you build and manage sites such as a fancy File Manager, FTP client, PHP version manager, PHPMyAdmin, App installer, and over 30 more!


Get expert help when needed

You can rely on our expert support for any hosting related issue you encounter. Our goal is to make your reselling easier and managing sites faster and stress-free. Our Helpdesk is accessible from every page of your Client area and Site Tools.

We have all the tools available out-of-the-box for you to resell great-value hosting

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We offer a free domain registration for the first year upon sign-up.