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Trinidad and Tobago Flag Featured Trinidad and Tobago Recipes

Ask anyone outside of Trinidad as to what they think of first when they hear the name Trinidad. They always echo the words Carnival!, Steel band! Calypso! Scantily clad bodies winding their waste rhythmically as if they are in a hurry to complete a million jamming vibrations with their hips before day break. Trinidadian (“Trini”) recipes are being recognized internationally. Roti and chicken has developed a reputation but not as successful as Palau. Palau is made with rice and fresh pigeon peas with either chicken, salt porn or salt beef cooked down in coconut milk. Bread fruit oil-down simmer to perfection; or the tantalizing taste of cuckoo, callaloo and fish. The callaloo is usually flavored differently according to the ethnicity of its cook, Chinese, Indian, African, Portuguese.

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