r/webgeeks – Best Web Hosting To Use?

March 31, 2021

Hi everyone.

So, I’ve seen a few of you on Reddit asking for the best WordPress hosting and I have to admit – I’ve seen some terrible answers from people. The problem is that there (weirdly) seems to be a serious amount of misinformation where WP is concerned. Not sure why this is, but it means that people keep asking the same questions over and over again.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to (try!) and put an end to it all with a guide to the best WordPress hosting. Bear in mind I’ve been building websites with WordPress for 10+ years:

Siteground is actually my preferred WordPress hosting provider. I’ve made probably 15 websites in total with them, and for a few reasons. The MAIN reason is that their customer support is awesome. The first time I used them I did run into a niggling problem, but they sorted it out immediately and it’s been great ever since.

Uptime is also very good – mine was 100% (other users have also confirmed this). Siteground is also super affordable, especially when compared to the others. They also chuck in a free email account, and a free CloudFlair CDN (this boosts security).

Here’s what else you get:

Piece of cake setup

Free SSL (important)

Free daily backups

Optimised automatic updates

Site migration is free (and easy to do)

UI is awesome

The discounts are hard to beat anywhere else – you can use the same Siteground coupon I used

Okay, onto the next one …

Bluehost is a decent second-placed option, but the problem is that the general feedback from other users is mixed. Most Siteground users, for example, are very satisfied with the product, but some aren’t.

However, there are a lot of pluses. With Bluehost, you can pay on the monthly. If you’re into that kind of thing (it’s definitely more flexible), Bluehost will be an attractive option because a lot of WordPress hosting providers usually bill you annually (such as SG). It also means you can cancel after a few months if your budget has nosedived, so it’s good for that.

Another Bluehost plus-point is its 1-click WordPress installation. Uptime is good as well (99.9%), and competitive with the others, whilst speed averages out at 398 ms. You also get a free SSL and all payment plans offer unmetered bandwidth.

However, I personally found customer support quite poor. There’s a telephone number for phone support but it’s unclear what hours it’s available (wasn’t available when I REALLY needed it at 9pm).

Lastly, DreamHost is another popular WordPress hosting provider that – like Bluehost – is decent at what it does, but which does have mixed reviews on the internet.

First, the good stuff: You get 1-click WordPress installation, as well as unmetered bandwidth own all plans and unlimited website hosting. Setup is easy and there are also zero inodes limitation and uptime is good (99%).

The bad stuff: The starter plan doesn’t come with an email account, while a number of advanced features – such as advanced backup solutions and built-in caching – are missing. This is a bit disappointing to be honest, and I was surprised at this when I first checked DreamHost out. DreamHost is also more expensive than the others and Bluehost, and is third in my list of WordPress web hosting recommendations.

So, what do you guys think? If someone has used a WordPress web hosting before (genuinely) and has actually built websites with them, I’d love to know what you think. Let’s help people make the right choice 🙂