Port forwarding for Dedicated Videogame Servers

June 8, 2021

@1O1Games As I mentioned earlier, these settings are for Web Servers using the DG8041W hub. I don’t run games, or have any interest in them, but the same principles should apply to them. No DMZ required.


One thing to note is that a game/web/other server MUST be up and running for a port forward checker to work, otherwise you’re effectively asking it to check a PC that is switched off / doesn’t exist. i.e. the game etc opens up the port, and if it’s not running…


Like others, I once thought TT blocked some ports, but it turned out to be a senior moment…



The particular test setup above is for an Apache web server running in Ubuntu as a virtual machine on a NAS. Sounds complicated – but it isn’t.


The earlier image I posted which showed the 3 ports you mentioned, were directed to a Windows 10 IIS web server. The Windows firewall inbound rule is a read-only one set up by MS for port 80 (http). To see it start C:WindowsSystem32WF.msc, click on Inbound Rules at the top left and navigate to “World Wide Web Services (HTTP Traffic-In)”, and click on Properties on the right.


You can just as easily create different Inbound / outbound rules for different ports if you changed the web server binding port to something other than 80. I’ve tried a couple of others for verification.


I’ve written a simple web page as a reminder for myself, specific to the DG8041W hub, that explains setting up a simple web server, going through port forwarding and firewall settings. It’s mainly for Windows PCs, but the basics apply to Linux machines as well. Some of it may be relevant in setting up a game server. See: http://piethorne.dynu.net/ddns/index.html



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