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March 27, 2021

Our work continues every day as the city we love rebounds. One project we’re very proud of is a new web presence for Bard Early Colleges (BEC). Bard Early Colleges offers New York City public school students the amazing opportunity to get a head start on higher education.

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If you’re looking to develop a new website for an established brand or startup, feel free to get in touch. Our most recent engagements include:

– A New York-based consultancy specializing in assisting corporate entities reach their environmental sustainability goals.

– A London-based artificial intelligence business consultancy.

– A new job seeking platform for young New Yorkers just entering the workforce.

– A premier digital destination for young women looking to talk about money in ways that are both hilarious and highly useful.

We can be reached directly by calling 718-228-0794. You may also email account manager Joseph Egan at