NTP Time Servers — Masterclock, Inc.

June 2, 2021

The Masterclock NTP100 family of NTP time servers provide accurate timing to networks and conform to NTPv2 (RFC 1119), NTPv3 (RFC 1306) and NTPv4 (RFC 5905). Each NTP100 device can operate on a local area network (LAN) or act as an enterprise-wide source for legally-traceable time and date distribution, depending upon your network configuration requirements. Masterclock NTP time servers are compatible with IPv4/IPv6 networks and offer AES256 SSH encryption, as well as MD5 authentication, for secure communications.

All models are also available with an internal OCXO for increased holdover stability.

Click a model below to learn more about Masterclock’s NTP100 time servers. Our GMR1000 and GMR5000 master clocks can also function as NTP servers.