Netregistry — Australia’s Domain Name Registrar

September 30, 2020

For many businesses, a consistent and reliable web presence is vital. Yet many smaller companies and organisations simply don’t have the budget to build expensive dedicated server systems and infrastructure.

The solution is to share resources.

Shared hosting services traditionally started out by selling space on hosting servers so that a number of different customers could be served by the one machine. An individual server could cater for a number of different hosting accounts, each with an allocated amount of storage and bandwidth. However, web hosting has become more sophisticated and removed the risk of failure that comes with relying on a single piece of hardware.

In Australia, Netregistry pioneered a technique of clustering a number of servers together in a hosting cloud. This allowed the infrastructure to share a wide pool of resources – storage, processing power, etc – while removing the risk of an individual server failing. Load balancers ensure requests are directed to the least busy server, resulting in higher levels of performance at any one time.

So instead of sharing a single server, hosting accounts now share the entire infrastructure. Multiple servers, system processors and storage devices operate together as one server, which is then split into thousands of smaller ‘virtual’ servers, each operating with the same performance and reliability as a single server. Each can be used to host a website. These services also share the same IP address and allow for many thousands of web requests to be processed at any one time. Resources are always available and the costs are far, far lower than those involved with buying and managing your own server.

There are some limitations, however. A shared hosting system is subject to the misuse of resources by individual users that can affect everybody. Therefore, the larger the pool of resources and the more redundancies in place, the less risk to your hosting account. Also, not all web hosts use a clustered server environment so it may still mean you are sharing a single piece of hardware with multiple users.

Netregistry’s innovative web hosting infrastructure has made it one of the most reliable web hosting providers in Australia. We also offer a free web hosting trial so you can decide if cPanel hosting is right for you.