June 29, 2021

Welcome to Miniwebs

We specialize in Web development, mobile friendly websites (responsive websites), search engine optimization (SEO) and web / graphic design for all types of businesses in South Africa, neighbouring countries and around the globe. We develop websites from as small as a 1 page ‘electronic brochure’ up to 20 pages and more if required. All web design + graphic work is carried out in our own “in-house Web Design Studio” established as Miniwebs South Africa.

As you may have noticed already the internet is becoming increasingly popular! Friends are talking about “this” website and “that” website, TV ads, radio ads, magazines, newspapers are all quoting their websites addresses. Facebook has become enourmous as well as so many other websites! Millions of people from all over the world are on the internet everyday looking up information and if your business does not have its own website – then how are these people going to find your services or products online?! Instead – they’re finding other websites that are in competition with you!

With the Internet industry BOOMING, it is obvious that having a website is very important!