Minecraft Website Builders – Comparakeet

October 7, 2020

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Your Minecraft website can be the key to your server being filled with players who are excited to discover what you have to offer them, so the builder should contain everything that you need to make it stand out among others. We’ve looked into the different Minecraft website builders piece by piece, and we’ve found that these are the points you should keep in mind when choosing a service:

Templates and Themes

While looks may not be everything, making a lasting first impression among visitors can go a long way, especially if your forte is building maps and servers for Minecraft. With customizable templates and Minecraft-related themes, you can show the players your creative chops right off the bat, and they can easily associate the well-known and beloved block-style game with one look of your website.

Intuitive Editor

A good portion of your time and energy is better spent on making and maintaining your Minecraft servers, so you shouldn’t have to struggle with a website builder’s procedures in building your digital space. A drag and drop editor can make the whole process a breeze, instead of having to enter codes individually to insert an element. Moreover, since this is a fairly easy action, you can finish the task in a matter of minutes and have your website up and running in no time.

Mobile Accessibility

Since your visitors are players who presumably have Minecraft running primarily in their computers, it is a good idea to make your website mobile optimized so it can accommodate them while they browse on their smartphones and tablets. With extended mobile features, like live chat sessions and build updates, your followers can be in the known of what’s new in your servers.

Audience Interaction

One important aspect of having a website that most web builders tend to forget is connecting with their visitors. If you can set-up a forum, chat channels, or even a recruitment system, you can let visitors interact with themselves and more importantly, with you as the developer of the server. You can receive comments and feedback from the community which can ultimately translate to better builds in the future.


Last, but certainly not the least, is the customer support that you can receive from the services. While most website builders offer a help center where you can simply read up on the solution, talking to a breathing, living human is still more effective and reassuring. In this regard, finding one with live chat, phone, or even email communication options will prove to be more advantageous over the previously mentioned alternatives.