Mexico has the same Champions League titles as Canada, Zimbabwe, Trinidad and Tobago and San Marino

June 4, 2021

He knows all the countries that have an ‘Orejona’ thanks that one of his players obtained it at some point in history

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In the history of the Champions League, 51 players of different nationalities have raised the trophy and highlights that for Mexico only one element has achieved it, with which it is tied with countries such as Canada, Zimbabwe, Trinidad and Tobago and San Marino.

The former defender Rafael Marquez is the only Mexican who has been crowned in the Champions League and he did so in 2006, when he played for Barcelona, ​​who defeated Arsenal 2-1 on that occasion.

Rafael Márquez celebrates Barcelona’s goal against Arsenal at the 2006 UCL Getty Images

With that, Mexico is equaled in the number of players who have won it with the countries mentioned after that for Canada it was obtained by Alphonso Davies in 2020 with Bayern Munich and for Trinidad and Tobago did Dwight Yorke with Manchester United in 1999.

For Zimbabwe, the player Bruce Grobbelaar He raised it in 1984 when he was a member of the English club Liverpool, while for San Marino made it Massimo Bonini in 1985 with the Italian Juventus team.

Within the relationship, it stands out that the country with the most elements that have been crowned in the Champions League There is Spain, with a total of 74, while in the second rung is Italy with 71 and in third place is England with 62.

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The “top ten” of the countries that have had champion elements of the contest complete it Germany with 60, Holland with 51, Portugal (40), Brazil (37), France (30) Scotland (26) and Argentina (12).

Around 580 players are those who have participated in the final victory of the Champions League and highlights that Greece is the country with the most elements that have lost a final, with a total of 12, of which 11 were part of the Panathinaikos who lost the last instance in 1971, the twelfth was Akis Zikos, who lost it in 2004 to Monaco of France.

Number of players (per country) who have won a European Cup / UEFA Champions League final:

74: Spain
71: Italy
62: England
60: Germany
51: Holland
40: Portugal
37: Brazil
30: France
26: Scotland
12: Argentina
12: Romania
9: Serbia
8: Croatia
8: Republic of Ireland
7: Denmark
7: Sweden
4: Czech Republic
4: Poland
4: Gales
3: Ghana
3: Ivory Coast
3: North Macedonia
3: Nigeria
3: Norway
2: Australia
2: Austria
2: Belgium
2: Bosnia y Herzegovina
2: Cameroon
2: Finland
2: Mali
2: Montenegro
2: Northern Ireland
2: Uruguay

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1: Algeria (Rabah Madjer, champion with Porto in 1987)
1: Bulgaria (Hristo Stoichkov, Barcelona 1992)
1: Canadá (Alphonso Davies, Bayern 2020)
1: Costa Rica (Keylor Navas, Real Madrid 2016, 2017 and 2018)
1: Egipto (Mohamed Salah, Liverpool 2019)
1: Georgia (Kakha Kaladze, AC Milan 2003 y 2007)
1: Hungary (Ferenc Puskás, Real Madrid 1959, 1960 and 1966)
1: Mexico (Rafa Márquez, Barcelona 2006)
1: Peru (Víctor Benítez, AC Milan 1963)
1: South Africa (Benni McCarthy, Porto 2004)
1: Russia (Dmitri Alenichev, Oporto 2004)
1: San Marino (Massimo Bonini, Juventus 1985)
1: Senegal (Sadio Mané, Liverpool 2019)
1: Suiza (Stéphane Chapuisat, Dortmund 1997)
1: Trinidad and Tobago (Dwight Yorke, Manchester United 1999)
1: Ucrania (Andriy Shevchenko, AC Milan 2003)
1: Zimbabwe (Bruce Grobbelaar, Liverpool 1984)