Making Money Online In Canada

June 6, 2021

How to start a website and make money online? There are two approaches to starting a website/blog. One being the free no overhead method by setting up on a blogsite like wordpress,blogger, ect. The other being register your own domain name (  anywhere from $10 +/year year. Next find a webhosting site to store your files and pages online anywhere from $10-$40/month, and design your ownsite or pay someone to do this your choice. Now that you know your choices, this is How to start a website and make money online. Research a topic that you enjoy personally. Think about what people will type into the search engines relating to your topic. Next create lots of content on your topic regularly using these keywords in good rich text. This is a good habit to get into when choosing your topics, using keywords well will make you able to start making money online in Canada and anywhere else. Keywords alone won’t make you money, this willl bring you key traffic that will make you money if done right. To start making money online in Canada on your website you will have to apply for money making opportunities such as adsense, and other affiliate sites to advertise for.  Now that you got the basics, pay attention, and i will tell you how to start a website and make money. I suggest you start with a free blog, to gain some revenue first. Some free blog websites dont allow you to post ads so reasearch this before making your decision where you are going to bring your site too. Remember ads is what will able you to start making money online in canada and anywhere else. Set up your pages of content on the topic you want for that peticular blog. Now go to and sign up for a free account. After review of your website you will be approved to advertise for Google. You will be able to set up various different styles of ads with many different color schemes to be incorperated with your website. After deciding what you want to go with, you will get a small HTML code to copy and paste on your website. “So how does this allow me to start making money online in Canada?” These ads are linked to your google adsense account, which works on a pay per click basis.  The more traffic you have to your site, the more people click ads, the higher amount of money you will be paid. You can check your daily stats on google adsense daily and traffic what you earned daily. “I did this and im only making money online in canada in the pennys?” Many people fail making money online in canada and anywhere else because of one key point they dont drive proper quality traffic to there site and they give up once they cant bring traffic overnight. You can check out my related blog “bring traffic to your website” to get a grip on this topic.  “What are other ways how to start a website and make money?” Affiliate sites are a huge huge huge huge way to earn money online in canada and anywhere else in the world. There are tons of affiliate sites out there, that will advertise products on your website and pay you per purchase. You can search around for what ones best suit your page, they are easy steps to follow to set them up on your website, and brings a whole new stream of income to your website. A good goal to start is to even average $5-$10 a day for each different topic you make a blog about. It may not seem like alot, but say you got 50 different topics making $10 a day, thats $500 a day now. Time will allow your website to grow and make money online in canada. Getting a good quality of traffic and having good content on your website will allow you to dominate your topic and bring in a great revenue