Make Money Writing on Story Mash

June 22, 2021

Make Money Writing on Story Mash

July 24th, 2008 Kumo

story mashStory Mash is something new for making money online. If you love to write, especially writing stories then Story Mash might be the one for you. Basically you get paid to write story at Story Mash. Once you sign up as an author, you can start to write a new story or continue an existing story. Basically a story has a lot of chapters. Each story has a unique starting chapter but it can have several different second chapters. As an author, you can continue to write the next chapter if you have a good story idea or you preferred the story to turn out another way round.  Either way, it doesn’t matter at Story Mash as long as viewers love it and it generates income. This means that a story can branch out to several different story lines at Story Mash. That makes Story Mash fun and interesting to participate.

                As an author, you earn money for the chapters that you published. You get at least 50% of the advertisement revenue. Further more if you’re a new Story Mash author, you get to participate in the writing contest with $1000 money in prizes. You’re allowed to money out once your earning reached $30. Payment method is PayPal or check in US dollar.

                The story writing idea at Story Mash is pretty new and I think there are still lots of spaces to expend. Personally I think if a story has too many versions for example 1000 ending, I might not be interested to go through all of them. It might be better to control the story so that people might actually catch up with the story. At least filter out those really bad or unpopular chapters. If not people might just write for the money instead of the story and this site will just be a plain money earning site.



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