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June 19, 2021

I Tried It and It Works! 


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Information, tips, observations and everything you need to know about starting an “Affiliate Marketing” business and how to Make Money Online. Clear and professional information from personal experience by the author.



To help you decide whether you want to become a part of this potentially successful opportunity, to decide whether it suits your personality and capabilities and to help you succeed with lucrative monthly profits.


Make Money Online

Introduction Make Money Online

In the following pages you will find a thorough explanation and complete overview and report on everything pertaining to “Affiliate Marketing”, which is a potential excellent source of income for everyone, myself included, who are earning phenomenal monthly profits with which to respectably support our families.

In the current difficult financial situation, many have unfortunately lost their jobs and businesses, especially small and private businesses which have been severely affected by the coronavirus. This has caused many families to suddenly find themselves with no viable source of income. I am presenting this opportunity as a ray of hope to all those who are looking for new business opportunities as well as for anyone who is interested in supplementing their current income, since it can also be done as a side job and from home. If you know of anyone who is looking for a new source of income, please pass this on to them. It might be just what they were looking for and the merits will be yours forever.

My Personal Experience

I personally, authoring this article, am married for several years and I have 3 cute children. 2 years ago I started doing Affiliate Marketing and I surprised myself by how quickly I started seeing success with a minimal amount of work, as I will explain to you step by step.

I am not promoting something I saw or read or heard about from someone else who succeeded. I am writing about my own personal experience and success. And as a matter of fact you are now on my website that I build, and I am earning my income!!

For Whom Is This Applicable?

As I wrote above, this is not only for previously successful businessmen who were affected by the virus. It is just as applicable to working people with a weekly paycheck who want to supplement their income or to put money into savings, as well as for beginners who are just starting out looking for employment. It can be an equally amazing opportunity for all of the above.

It is work that can be done from home which makes it appealing anyone who wants to work from home. One of the great advantages of Affiliate Marketing, is the potential to earn money even while doing it part time, although the potential grows with additional time invested.

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

The answer to the above question is both Yes and No. If you want to sit and relax and watch money stream into your bank account, then this venture is definitely not for you. In order to succeed, it is necessary to invest some time and effort.

On the other hand, the answer is yes, since it is a business that is easy to learn, there are very few necessary qualifications to begin and it does get easier with time.

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Once You Are Earning, Earnings Will Continue

Once you reach your goal, or even if it isn’t your original goal, if you are earning a few thousand dollars a month, those earnings will continue rolling in without any additional effort. With continuous effort those initial earnings will continue to expand.

I have seen people who entered Affiliate Marketing with a goal of earning a thousand dollars a month. When they reached their goal, they just let it continue to ride without any additional investment and they continued earning a thousand dollars a month while being busy with it for only a few Hours a month.

In order to get a more thorough understanding, read patiently until the end, as patience is one of the most important qualifications that are necessary to succeed in Affiliate Marketing. More patience and endurance equals more success.

Can I Begin Without Prior Knowledge and Skills?

If you are asking about prior knowledge, experience or skills then this is most likely the first time you are hearing about Affiliate Marketing and you do not have a thorough understanding of the concept.

The good news is that you do not need any prior knowledge or experience. You can begin even if you don’t have a polished English. You need basic English and minimal training which is available free of charge. (Read on for more information on training)

What Are the Most Important Resources You Need?

The first thing you need in order to start, is time. You can start with only one or two hours a day. Once you have a time slot, the next most important thing, as I’ve mentioned earlier, is patience, endurance and determination. You will not be earning money on the day you start. It can take a few weeks and sometimes as long as two or three months depending on certain variables.

The best part of entering Affiliate Marketing, is that you almost do not need money to invest when you are starting out. Which means that if you just want to test the waters and get a taste of whether or not this is appropriate for you, there is no financial risk involved. (If you decide that it is the right opportunity for you, there is a very sophisticated program available for a monthly membership fee. If you feel you can take this to the next level and be very successful, it is a very worthwhile investment. I personally started with no investment after 2 weeks when I started seeing the unlimited potential, I enrolled in the membership program which helped me archive continuous success)

What Are the Prospects of Success?

This is usually the first question people in our society will ask. The answer is that the prospects are excellent! Millions of people are already earning lucratively in Affiliate Marketing, with some even going on to become millionaires.

With the abovementioned qualifications and with the right approach, the success rate is practically one hundred percent!  You can do your own research to confirm this.

It is important to point out that the main reason for the high success rate in Affiliate Marketing is precisely because it not a way to earn a quick buck using some tricks or gimmicks, which is usually only successful for the short term, the “short long way”. It looks good momentarily but doesn’t last long.

Affiliate Marketing is different, it is a business that is founded on building for long term success. It is built up carefully and deliberately in a step by step manner and there are some tricks to help you succeed faster as I will explain. It is important to remember that you will not see any income in a day or a week. It will take several months to start earning significantly. Once you reach that point, the potential to increase your income exponentially, will grow quickly.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Now I will start answering the million dollar question, what is “Affiliate Marketing”?

I will start by saying that if you are reading about this for the first time, it might seem somewhat confusing which is very normal. There is a lot of new information and it might be necessary to read it more than once in order to get a clearer understanding of the concept.

There is an undisputed “king” of Affiliate Marketing, the well know “Wealthy Affiliate” website which you can locate at . This is the largest central platform for countless affiliates, where all necessary services and professional training are available for those who are thinking of entering the market. Basic training and access to many of their services are available at no charge as mentioned earlier.

As you can imagine, they are not providing training and resources at no charge out of the goodness of their hearts or for lack of anything else to do. Their reasoning is that once they will provide you with a taste of what they offer and you will be seriously interested, you will sign up for paid membership.

Marketing Products on Your Website

In the past, when a company wanted to advertise their products, they would call various news outlets and pay them to do the job. In today’s business world, most companies have an Affiliate Program where you can sign up to put their ads on your website or social media platforms. When viewers will click on your ads they will be taken to the company’s website and if they purchase products or services you will earn a commission on the sale.

The commission a company will pay depends on the Conversion Rate. The conversion rate is calculated by how high of a chance there is that a purchase will be made from the company you are advertising for. Let’s take a company like Amazon, from which most people who browse their website will eventually make a purchase there, will only pay you up to 5%, since they are doing the larger share of the work. Smaller companies, who are more dependent on your work, will pay as much as 50% and sometimes more, when you generate a sale for them.

Every large company has an Affiliate Program so you have many options to choose from. An other way to earn money from your website is to join Google Ad-Sense where you will designate a place for them on your website and they will place a variety of ads there depending on what type of searches or the most recent searches that they pick up on every computer. Google will give you commission for Clicks made through these ads.

Generally, a single product like a printer or a pair of shoes won’t generate much income because the company needs to profit as well. But an online service or a monthly service can bring you higher commissions every month. For instance if you sign up a client for a $45 a month membership with Fresh Books, you can earn about half of that.

As soon as you sign up for an affiliate program, you will receive access to links and banners which you can place on your website and every time a viewer clicks on it, the company’s system will notify them that the sale was made through your link and you will get a commission. Even if the customer didn’t purchase the product you promoted, most companies will pay you commission on any order a client placed through clicking on your link!

How Soon Can I Earn Money?

This is a frequently asked question and the answer is that you can earn a lot of money but it takes some time. It can take as long as 2-3 months for your site to come up on a google search when people are looking for a product that you are selling or promoting. Once you do get on there, you will start earning nicely if you keep doing things the right way.


For How Long Will A Company Give Me Commission?

Once someone clicks on your link to a website, you will receive commission for everything they purchase on the website on that day, including items that you were not promoting. You will earn on the entire sale since you were the one who brought the customer to their website.

Let’s examine this further. If a potential client clicked on your link and browsed a website without making a purchase, if they return and make a purchase in the next 24 hours from when they clicked on your link, you will still receive commission on the sale. Some companies will extend that even for a week and fewer still might extend it for a month, usually depending how large the company or business is.

How Do I Start?

There are three ways to earn money through Affiliate Marketing. The first category is is a deals/ coupon website that promoting daily sales etc. These websites have to update their sites daily and be very heavily involved on an ongoing basis. We will leave that aside for now since it is not a good option for beginners.

The second way is something you have probably seen before, where companies will offer you money when you shop online through their site. In case you were wondering about that, it is fairly simple. These are very large successful companies who are earning enough money through your sale that they are willing to “share” their profits with you.

An example of this would be Rakuten . They are currently offering customers $10-$30 just to sign up with them which is in addition to rewards you will receive when you actually shop. They are constantly offering these types of promotions for the same reason. They are such a large affiliate and are willing to offer you some of their profits so they can keep earning more.

Talking about this particular company, you can sign up now by clicking on Rakuten   to shop on Online through them. You will receive $10-$30 off your first order in addition to a discount.

This is also not the type of business I will be discussing now, since to make money as the owner of this type of operation, you have to be an affiliate for a long time.

I will discuss a third option, which is what I started with and what I recommend to others and that is exactly what I did. In this way you can start out small and grow slowly and steadily. I will now explain and expand on this suggestion.

Niche Websites

First will discuss different types of websites so we can figure out what pertains to us. There are Product websites and there are Niche websites.

A Product website is where consumers will view your site and they will see the products you are selling. This is a difficult market because you are in competition with the major players like Amazon, eBay and Walmart, who spend billions of dollars a year on advertising and they control a large portion of the product market. There are ways to succeed in the product market but I will leave that to professional marketers and we will move on to discuss Niche websites.

Niche Websites – A Niche is a much more specified item. Take vitamins as an example. You can sell vitamins in general or you can narrow down and specialize in a specific category, for example weight loss supplements. You can get even more specific by focusing on a specific type of weight loss.

The more specific the category is, the higher your prospects of becoming number 1 in the specified market. There is no category that is too small or unable to generate income in a world with several billion people surfing the internet in search of specific products. Even if you start a website based on Pen holders for office desks, if you become number one in that market you can earn a very high income.

So to review, starting with a specific market is always a good idea.

The strength of a niche site isn’t in selling products. Viewers of your site will not see a variety of products, instead they will see informative articles and other promotional material pertaining to your specific product.

When people search for a solution to a particular problem they are suffering from, they might find it on your website. They will read your articles, they will see that you understand their problem and that you researched it (which you should do), you will gain their trust and they will purchase the product you are promoting. See some personal examples bellow.


Niche examples from my website

Take a look for example on my website your now on, I chose the niche of CBD Oil and natural health supplements, I am not selling CBD Oil but what I did I storied the cbd oil market and benefits of it, and I started to post informative posts to help people understand the benefits of it, For this Niche I am affiliating with Nu Leaf Naturals one of the best CBD companies out there, for example Take a look on my posts Like About CBD Oil , What is CBD Oil for, CBD Oil Dosage, Best CBD Oil, ETC.

One important thing to remember don’t choose a Niche that you have no clue or knowledge in that industry Take a niche that your familiar with or choose a niche and get familiar with it by researching the niche etc. Remember your not only here to make money you’re here to help other people and from that you will earn money.

For 2nd example look on my famous posts on varies health conditions Like ADHD, Depression, Pinworms, ETC. you will see how I will 1st explain the disease then will talk about the symptoms and then I will give a solution on that way the person who will read that post will be convinced from reading the article that I know what I’m talking about so when he will get to the end where I promote the solution he will most likely click on the Amazon link to the solution and buy that product! Take a look at this 2 examples by browsing here on my website and take ideas that can help you in your path to success!

The Way It Works

You will choose a product or topic that interests you, which will give you the motivation to promote it successfully. You can open a website and begin researching and writing promotional and informative materials about your product or service. You will need to look for and research products that solve a problem or offer a solution to the topic or issue that you are writing about. Then you have to work on different ways to get people to visit your website and purchase the product or service you are promoting. Once you start attracting people to your site, you can start generating income.

Attracting people to your website seems difficult since there is so much competition so I will first address the importance of having a website with high traffic volume and then we will move on to how to actually get people to visit your website.

What If You Can’t Write Good Articles?

If you are not a good writer or your English is very basic, you can always research articles online about the specific topic or service you want promote. You will find enough resources to help you put together an intelligent article. I have to clarify though, that you should never copy and paste materials that you find online. Google will pick up on it and close your website, which is then very difficult to reopen. You have to change the material significantly enough that it shouldn’t appear copied and pasted.

There is another option.  collect the material which you want to have in an article and you submit it to you will pay $5 and get my material professionally written. you will have to try several times till you find the right person with the capabilities you need.

Opening a Website

 Wealthy Affiliates will assist you with launching a website on Word Press. They will provide basic training and teach you how to operate your website. In Word Press you will have a selection of many different themes. I like to use generate press which appears very nice and professional and is easy to customize. I would recommend you use that template but you can look around and see if there’s anything else you prefer to work with.

I followed the initial training on how to post, privacy policies and other basics like searching for good keywords. These are words in your header which will give your page a high ranking in Google, which means that when someone puts in a search using your keywords your site will come up higher in Google’s search results.

Finding Successful Keywords

Wealthy Affiliate has a highly sophisticated keyword search system, where they will teach you how to find the best keywords to give you a high ranking with Google. I can say from experience that it works very well. I tried it, I followed their instructions and I was so successful that when people search for products in my category, my site comes up in a Google search as the second or third result and sometimes even the the first result on Google!. This brings many clicks to my website and generates a large amount of sales.

As discussed above I am affiliating with Amazon and Nu Leaf Naturals. I also have Google ads on my website from which I earn Money on a daily basis. As my searches increase, the income from google ads increases as well and this is just a side benefit.

Don’t Give Up Till Google Recognizes Your Website

I touched Google AdSense so here is a tip: It is important to remember that Google will not accept your website or place their ads there the first time you apply. It can take a few weeks until they will even recognize your website and find it strong enough to place ads with you. I was rejected by Google three times. They said my site was not of interest to them. I was prepared for this and I wasn’t ready to give up. I kept posting new material on my website and I persisted until I was successful and they starting placing ads with me.

In order to remain active, I made sure to post to my website three times a week. Usually when Google sees that you are active you will start ranking higher. It is also important to get comments to your website which shows Google that people are interested in your posts and this will rank you even higher.

Getting Comments

 If you are not getting comments, Wealthy Affiliates has a program where you can request comments and you can purchase a comment for $2. You can also purchase comments with points that you earn by commenting on other websites. In the beginning I tried to get a comment at least once in two weeks. The comments program is only available to premium members only who pay a monthly membership fee. If you are a regular member you can always ask your friends or relatives to comments on your website (provided you don’t mind that they know it’s yours).

If your a premium plus member you will get $100 worth of credits for free! See here all benefits of a Premium Plus member.

Side Tip: Never purchase more than one comment. Once you request a comment, the company will send an email that a comment is needed and usually more than one person will respond to give one comment. Don’t request more than one and certainly don’t pay for more than one.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide live training every week. and you can always access it on a playback system.

Plug-ins (Which Software to add to your Website)

I will provide a list of plug-ins which I added to my website and which training videos I watched before I started posting. These were very useful to me and I believe you will find them useful as well.

All in one seo

EWWW Image Optimizer

You can find the plug-ins in the first few videos on Wealthy Affiliates. These are musts in order to start out successfully.

The following are additional plug-ins which I use which make it easier to post on my website:

Duplicate Post

TinyMCE Advanced

I use Duplicate Post when I want to reuse a post. Suppose I wrote a post about which towels are best to use in hotels and now I want to write about the best linens, my post will be more or less the same. In that case I will duplicate my post about the towels and copy it to where I want to write about linens and of course do some edits.

Now we get to the TinyMCE Advanced plug-in, which I use to select every place where it says “towels” and change it to “linens”. Or if you are writing about hotels in Brooklyn NY, you can select Brooklyn and change it to Albany. It is a similar concept to Find Replace in the Word program. I find it very useful and I am sure you will too. With these two plug-ins you can turn one post into literally tens or hundreds of posts with minimal effort. It might seem difficult to understand but is something you will pick up very easily once you get into it.

Classic Editor is also a very important and useful plug-in, which will help you ensure that your writings are sensible and appropriate.

MailChimp Forms (by MailMunch)

This is a very valuable plug-in which will attract people to subscribe to your website using their email addresses. It will pop up when people visit your site (you probably saw my popup when you visited this site..)and will ask them to subscribe to get updates from you. Once you have access to email addresses, you can send potential customers updates and notify them when you have anything new on your website.

How do you get people to subscribe? Here is my personal Trick, As I mentioned above i am affiliating with Nu Leaf Naturals They gave me a coupon of %15 off for costumers who are buying from my website so instead of just giving the coupon code for everyone I made a pop up (Click here to see it in action) that is asking to sign up on my website and offering a free gift when signing up, then in the welcome email they will get the %15 coupon code, I got quite a list of subscribers in this manner and this has generated a good source of income on 2 ways 1st people will buy faster when they have a coupon code and 2nd i’m building up a huge amount of followers to share when i have a new article on my site etc..

Important Training Videos before You Start Affiliate Marketing:

Before you begin posting to your website it is very important to watch the following SEO videos, which will give you many tips on how to get your site a high ranking with Google. Watch it carefully and follow their instructions. soe checklist


The following two are also very important and useful, I highly recommend them:


PS this videos is available for premium members only, once you’re a premium member come back here for this video links.


Wealthy Affiliates has an excellent support system. You can always ask questions by using the live chat group your questions will usually be answered within a few minutes.

They will also host your website and your domain name. They provide every type of tool you will need to succeed.

Their goal is, that as you get more involved and you start earning a profit, you should sign up for premium membership at $49 a month, which is really a negligible amount for the services that they provide. I recommend that you start without paying for a few days and once you get comfortable and want to move ahead you should become a premium member. You will start seeing result in 2-3 months.

I hope I have been clear and I am certain that once you visit the website and watch the important videos which I listed above you will gain a lot more clarity on the concept of Affiliate Marketing.

Still have a question? Leave a comment here and I will be very happy to answer any of your questions.


In conclusion we will discuss several frequently asked questions. Some parts have already been discussed above, however we will attempt to bring you the maximum clarity and understanding before you proceed.

Bringing Clarity to the Definition of a Niche:

In order to gain a better understanding of what a niche is, we will provide two examples:

Example 1 . Suppose your niche would be “cleaning” and you provide information on how to clean certain items. In this instance you might want to specify “how to remove a grease stain from a white couch” and you will proceed to write an article about how to do it.

Example 2 . You can take the concept of child safety and write about safety locks, car seats, cabinet locks etc. The best way to do it is to get very specific. For instance, you can write about “the best cabinet locks for toddlers”.

Two Rules to Remember:

1. The more specific your niche will be, the more successful you will be and you will reach a higher ranking in Google sooner.
2. Your niche should be something for which you can generate many posts. (This will usually occur if you are writing about a “solution” type of product, a product which helps people solve a problem or otherwise makes their life easier in a significant way.)

Here is the example of my own website I mentioned above

”Take a look for example on my website your now on, I chose the niche of CBD Oil and natural health supplements, I am not selling CBD Oil but what I did I storied the cbd oil market and benefits of it, and I started to post informative posts to help people understand the benefits of it, For this Niche I am affiliating with Nu Leaf Naturals one of the best CBD companies out there, for example Take a look on my posts Like About CBD Oil , What is CBD Oil for, CBD Oil Dosage, Best CBD Oil, ETC.

One important thing to remember don’t choose a Niche that you have no clue or knowledge in that industry Take a niche that your familiar with or choose a niche and get familiar with it by researching the niche etc. Remember your not only here to make money you’re here to help other people and from that you will earn money.

For 2nd example look on my famous posts on varies health conditions Like ADHD, Depression, Pinworms, ETC. you will see how I will 1st explain the disease then will talk about the symptoms and then I will give a solution on that way the person who will read that post will be convinced from reading the article that I know what I’m talking about so when he will get to the end where I promote the solution he will most likely click on the Amazon link to the solution and buy that product! Take a look at this 2 examples by browsing here on my website and take ideas that can help you in your path to success!”



How do you become an actual affiliate?

If your niche is in child safety you can do a Google search for Kids Safety Affiliate Programs and you will get information about all the companies who have affiliate programs for child safety products. Wealthy Affiliate can also provide you with guidance.

Every company has its specific terms and provisions for how quickly they will accept new accounts. For instance, some might only accept you after a thousand searches per month. There are others who will accept new accounts right away. Amazon will accept you into their affiliate program right away, however you will have to generate at least three sales in the first 180 days through your website. To clarify, when you start out there will be less companies willing to accept you but as things progress you will gain access to many more, although you will find some who will accept you immediately.

For Whom Should I Affiliate?

Every company has its unique benefits. Take Amazon for example. Anyone who will get to Amazon by clicking on your link, will most likely purchase something from there within the next twenty four hours and you will earn on that purchase (Assume your clicking now here on this Amazon link I will get a % from anything your buying on Amazon in the next 24 Hours!). their websites will pay you significantly more than Amazon, however the chance that someone will make a purchase there is much lower. I have both types of accounts I have Amazon and is I mention above i’m affiliating with Nu Leaf Naturals they give me a %20 commission and a 30 day cookie! I recommend using this approach in which I have been quite successful.

What if You Don’t See Your Website on Google?

It is important to remember that Google does not accept new businesses right away. This is not a cause for concern, it is simply a part of the process as it takes some time until they index your website. From my own experience it took three weeks but the timing can vary. If you launched your website through Wealthy Affiliate, you will be notified by email once it is indexed on Google.

There is a way to accelerate the progress of getting indexed on Google. This would be by submitting every post to “Google Search Console” as well as by submitting a site map. Wealthy Affiliate training will provide additional information regarding this process.

When to Become a Premium Member in Wealthy Affiliate?

Free members will only get access to 1st set of training here you have a link

My answer would be to go through the free basic training first and then decide on what your niche will be. Once you are ready to proceed you can become a premium member which gives you access to advanced training and puts you on the path to success.

Make Money Online


What are the Risks?

I am going to make a bold and honest statement because I don’t want to mislead you. I want to make it clear that just like every other business, affiliate marketing also contains an element of “risk”. There are people who do not succeed and give it up.

On the other hand, even if you do not succeed, unlike with any other small business, you do not incur any major financial loss. Suppose you paid a premium membership for six months, you incurred a loss of $300 which is very insignificant relatively speaking.

This is something I kept in the forefront of my mind and helped me feel more positive. I knew that even if things won’t work out the way I would like them to, I will not be losing much. I believe that this thought actually helped me achieve success.

What you should know about Writing Posts:

There are two different methods in regard to writing posts. The first method is to write a post about a specific topic, for instance how to repair bikes. You can offer various tips and tricks on how to repair a bike and somewhere along the way you can mention that if the bike is rusty WD40 can be used to remove rust and post a link to buy WD40.

Another example would be writing about child safety. You can discuss having a crawling baby in a house with stairs, how dangerous it can be and how important it is to install a sturdy gate by the stairs. At that point you can post a link to Amazon or another company who sells such a product. The person reading your post, who most likely has a baby and has stairs, will be convinced by your post and will probably make a purchase which will generate income for you.

The second method is to write a review on a particular item. You will obviously write about all the advantages and benefits which will convince people to buy it. It is important to include some disadvantages so you will come across more honest and trustworthy. see here an example on my website of a product review.

Finish Point

Just Go ahead and sign up NOW on Wealthy Affiliate start the training open a website and start earning a passive and high income. Browse here on my website to take ideas etc. Make a goal to be able to share your own success story in six month from now! YES YOU CAN! Side tip Bookmark this website so you could always come back down the road to take ideas and tips from here!

Still have a question? Leave a comment here and I will be very happy to answer any of your questions.