Linux Shared Web Hosting – The Best Choice For You

When it comes to web hosting, you are actually spoil for choices as there are numerous web hosting companies out there who offer you different web hosting packages.However, if you are planning to start your website or blog, Linux is undoubtedly the best choice you have. Here in this article we would tell you why.

What is Linux Web Hosting?

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Linux hosting makes use of Linux operating system on the server and hence, the name. Linux is an operating system that resembles UNIX and is free and open source one. It was first developed in the year 1991 and it is now one of the most popular operating systems used worldwide.

Linux vs. Windows

Windows and Linux are the two choices that people have when it comes to web hosting and there is nothing bad about Windows hosting. However, there are many reasons as why Linux is the preferable choice for many. It makes use of PHP, Python, Pearl, CGI etc. and these are very popular amongst the webmasters. Linux also happens to be a very stable choice as far as hosting is concerned and offers numerous features free of cost unlike Windows.

You need to make use of ASP or ASP.Net and it is a known fact that both these are a bit complicated. These are the reasons as why Linux is the most preferable choice amongst webmasters, bloggers and the likes.

Benefits of Linux Shared Web Hosting

There are many benefits that you will get, once you opt for Linux shared web hosting plans. This is a very affordable choice that you have and it is also easy to use from the point of view of first-timers.

Here are the top benefits:

Cost: Price is one of the most important benefits of using Linux. Linux is open source and hence, there is no cost required for using it for hosting. Hence, Linux web hosting packages are cheaper than Windows. Drupal, Joomla, WordPress etc. comes free with Linux.

Flexible: You can do a lot of things with a Linux Server like host a website, maintain a blog etc. It has a GNU license that makes it available for various distributions.

Security: Linux server is extremely secure.

Simple: It is easy to use and is highly reliable.

Choosing a reliable web hosting company like Host Jinni is very important for ensuring quality web hosting, no matter whether you opt for Linux or Windows.