Know 5 Famous Cryptocurrency of 2021! it will make money in future

June 1, 2021

Investors are constantly increasing in the Crypto market. There have been tremendous fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market in the recent few weeks. There was also a market crash on Wednesday but soon emerged. Currently, there are many Cryptocurrency in the market but there are few Cryptocurrency that gets more headlines. In such a situation, here today we are going to tell about the top-5 cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. In which investors are seeing a lot of investment.


First is Bitcoin at the top. Since the year 2020, Bitcoin has seen a tremendous boom. Its market cap is about $ 1,084,798,217,674. Bitcoin is the most expensive and most popular in cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum (Ether)It is followed by Ethereum at number two. Ethereum is the name of the blockchain platform and its crypto coin is named Ether. It is a utility cryptocurrency, which is offered as a payment to use the Ethereum platform. Ethereum has a market cap of about $ 452,903,799,695.

Ripple XRPRipple (XRP) can be placed at number three. Till now it is considered to be a very secure utility coin and from the beginning, it has also got the support of many banks. Many transfer services built on Ripple’s blockchain platform have grown tremendously in the last few years.

LitecoinLitecoin competes with Bitcoin completely. This coin is considered to be better than Bitcoin for payment in daily life.

CardanoThis coin has made investors very happy in the past and experts believe that it can perform very well in the future.