Italian botanical garden to visit on Lake Garda

June 22, 2021

Around 1901 Arturo Hruska, originally from Czechoslovakia, graduated in Monaco in 1906, dentist to the Zar, the Italian Royal Family, Popes Pius XII and Johannes XXIII, King Albert of Belgium, naturalist and botanist, moves from Austria to Gardone Riviera.

Immediately the beauty and light of the lake strike the doctor spurring him to acquire a terrain of 15000 square meters on the slopes of Mount Lavino, originally developed as a vineyard.

Here Dr. Hruska begins to plan his botanical garden in Italy.

Lake Garda with its typical Mediterranean greenery, the brilliance and the magnificent peacock-blue of its waters is numbered along the most beautiful landscapes of mittel europe.

The Garden city of Gardone Riviera owes its fame mostly to the terrace gardens built at the beginning of the 20th century, during its apex as a touristic location, to these belongs the Garden of the doctor-dentist A. Hruska, which was built between 1912 and 1914, and was predecessor to the Botanical Garden of Andre Heller Foundation, opened in 1989, currently hosting over 3000 different species of plants.