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Unmatched features, value add-on services and 24/7 customer service have been our key success in the last 8 years. Experience the best value in hosting from only 40,000 Rls / Month.

Microsoft Windows ? Linux ? FreeBSD ? 32bit ? 64bit ? Xeon ? ? 4 GB RAM ? 8 GB RAM ? 64 GB RAM ? We have them all .. for more info please go to Ouriran Dedicated Service


Worried about insecure data transfer on the net ? secure your site with our true 128 bit SSL certs. Specially when it costs as low as 700,000 Rls/year. Learn More


In our pursuit to enable you with competitive, Domain Registration pricing, we are happy to announce our new standard rates for .ir, domains starting from 96,000 Rls/year.

   Telegram Channel   2-Aug-2017
   Our customers of Iran Datacenter services can follow latest events in the Telegram:
   SMS Monitoring Alerts  31-Jul-2017
   We have configured SMS Monitoring alerts for all the servers in Tehran Datacenter. Please contact technical team if you have not received any message yet.
   Ouriran Newsletter No23  5-Apr-2014
   Ouriran Newsletter No 24 has been published .. more…
   Domain and Server Prices  9-Dec-2012
   Starting December 2012, prices for all the services provided from outside Iran will be adjusted daily based on the daily currency exchange rate. English section of the site shows the prices in foreign currency and Farsi section of the site shows all the prices in IRR currency
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